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12 Television Relationships We Could Never Get Behind

Getting emotionally invested in a TV relationship comes with its ups and downs. While it’s always fun to cheer for a good TV relationship, sometimes cheering for a bad TV relationship to end is even more fun. Nothing keeps us hooked on a show more than a good, steamy romance storyline. It creates tension, drama, passion and suspense. When done right, the iconic love stories will live on in our hearts and minds.
And then there are the letdowns. The romances that make us pray for a breakup. The love triangles we wish would make like a banana and split. The couples that make us rethink the idea of happily ever after. Oh, yes, they’re that bad. What makes these letdown romances so bad, though, is not that they’re part of bad shows. In fact, every single one on this list comes from a show that is, generally speaking, amazing with a fan base that roots for its success. That’s probably why these romance disappointments hit us even harder.
Don’t grab your tissues; you won’t mourn these breakups.

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