12 Television Relationships We Could Never Get Behind

by Jessica Hickam
Sep 13, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Getting emotionally invested in a TV relationship comes with its ups and downs. While it's always fun to cheer for a good TV relationship, sometimes cheering for a bad TV relationship to end is even more fun. Nothing keeps us hooked on a show more than a good, steamy romance storyline. It creates tension, drama, passion and suspense. When done right, the iconic love stories will live on in our hearts and minds.
And then there are the letdowns. The romances that make us pray for a breakup. The love triangles we wish would make like a banana and split. The couples that make us rethink the idea of happily ever after. Oh, yes, they're that bad. What makes these letdown romances so bad, though, is not that they're part of bad shows. In fact, every single one on this list comes from a show that is, generally speaking, amazing with a fan base that roots for its success. That's probably why these romance disappointments hit us even harder.
Don't grab your tissues; you won't mourn these breakups.

1 /12: 'The Vampire Diaries': Stefan & Caroline

1/12 :'The Vampire Diaries': Stefan & Caroline

I will always be Team Klaroline. Klaus and Caroline were the perfect match, and you best not try to tell me otherwise. The show's need to push Stefan and Caroline together at the end of the series because Damon and Elena had found their happily ever after will never stop irking me.

2 /12: 'Friends': Rachel & Joey

2/12 :'Friends': Rachel & Joey

Come on! Ross and Rachel were always end goals. Shoving Joey in there to create some spice and tension just made things awkward because there was absolutely no spice or tension between Joey and Rachel. They were like siblings. Them together just felt so wrong.

3 /12: 'Sex and the City': Carrie & Big

3/12 :'Sex and the City': Carrie & Big

This relationship has long been a sore spot for SATC fans. Big treated Carrie like crap. Carrie treated Big like crap. And then she cheated on Aidan with Big while he was married, and that was about it for the love fans had for these two.

4 /12: 'The Office': Jim & Pam

4/12 :'The Office': Jim & Pam

It's one thing to create some delicious sexual tension. It's another thing to pull the trigger on the sexual tension too early, allowing it to fizzle and never again rise to the occasion. (Feel free to add in "That's what she said" wherever you see fit.) Such was the case with Jam. It really never should have actually happened. Pam should have ended up with Brian the boom guy.

5 /12: 'Grey's Anatomy': Derek & Meredith

5/12 :'Grey's Anatomy': Derek & Meredith

At first, America was shipping Derek and Meredith hard. But season after season of the back-and-forth, the bickering and the constant ups and downs meant that most fans were way past ready for the end. Except we weren't, because Shonda Rhimes blindsided us all with Derek's exit. 

6 /12: 'Scandal': Fitz & Olivia

6/12 :'Scandal': Fitz & Olivia

God, I loved these two together at first. They were everything perfectly right for each other but maddeningly kept apart. It was beautiful. And then they actually got together and everything crumbled into a mess of WTH. Fitz got too controlling. Olivia got too elusive. And we all learned a valuable lesson that Olivia cannot be tamed. She is much better just being the independent woman she is.

7 /12: 'Orange Is the New Black': Alex & Piper

7/12 :'Orange Is the New Black': Alex & Piper

This was one of those relationships you have when you're young and dumb. And then you forget about it, unless you're looking back to tell yourself, "Oh, thank goodness I dodged that bullet." Except in Piper's case, she ended up in prison and suddenly decided that she wanted to get hit by that bullet again. For some reason. I still have no idea.

8 /12: 'How I Met Your Mother': Ted & Robin

8/12 :'How I Met Your Mother': Ted & Robin

The rant I could go on about this relationship would be long, but suffice it to say that Robin and Ted were never, ever end game. They weren't end game! Sure, Barney and Robin probably shouldn't have ended up together either, but I will never recover from the HIMYM series finale. 

9 /12: 'Game of Thrones': Jaime & Cersei

9/12 :'Game of Thrones': Jaime & Cersei

You know your relationship is bad when it produces offspring like Joffrey. In all seriousness, though, you want to talk toxic? Just look at these two when they're together. Thankfully, Jaime's been wising up the past few seasons, which is probably why he went from one of the most hated characters to one of our favorites.

10 /12: 'Glee': Blaine & Karofsky

10/12 :'Glee': Blaine & Karofsky

Look, I'm all for self-discovery and forgiveness, but there's just a line you don't cross, and dating the man who used to torment your ex for fun because said man didn't want to admit he was gay and then finally turned gay is just, well, a very dark line. And Glee crossed it.

11 /12: 'Chuck': Sarah & Bryce

11/12 :'Chuck': Sarah & Bryce

Bryce was supposed to be the love triangle to keep the tension going between Sarah and Chuck, but why? Why him?! (Although, in the real world, more Matt Bomer is never a bad thing.) He was a pretty boy and kind of a jerk. The whole thing was way too obviously a ploy to keep Sarah and Chuck from actually being together, even though they were clearly perfect for one another.

12 /12: 'Pretty Little Liars': Spencer & Caleb

12/12 :'Pretty Little Liars': Spencer & Caleb

No, no, no! Caleb and Hanna were supposed to end up together, and Spencer was supposed to be with Toby. The whole topsy-turvy turn to the relationships in Season 6B made the whole show feel even more disoriented than it already was.