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Ben Stiller Roles You Totally Forgot About

Ben Stiller is quite possibly one of the most productive, most multidimensional movers and shakers in Hollywood. Not only does he have a new film, Brad’s Status, coming out on Friday, but he’s also cultivated a career with over 120 acting credits alone. Never mind that he has also produced, written and directed films and episodes of television as well. This guy can do it all. 

Given this impressive lineup, you may think that you’ve seen all of his performances. ZoolanderReality BitesTropic ThunderHeavyweights and Night at the Museum might be some of the first films you think about when you think of Ben Stiller. But what about one of his earliest film roles, Hot Pursuit? Did you ever catch him in Mystery Men, the late ’90s comedy about a team of would-be superheroes that are essentially average Joes? See, you’ve missed out on a lot.

As such, I think it’s only right that we take a moment to commemorate Stiller’s storied career, as well as Brad’s Status, by looking back on the roles you may have forgotten about. 

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