Ben Stiller Roles You Totally Forgot About

by Allie Gemmill
Sep 13, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET
Ben Stiller's forgotten movie roles
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Ben Stiller is quite possibly one of the most productive, most multidimensional movers and shakers in Hollywood. Not only does he have a new film, Brad's Status, coming out on Friday, but he's also cultivated a career with over 120 acting credits alone. Never mind that he has also produced, written and directed films and episodes of television as well. This guy can do it all. 

Given this impressive lineup, you may think that you've seen all of his performances. ZoolanderReality BitesTropic ThunderHeavyweights and Night at the Museum might be some of the first films you think about when you think of Ben Stiller. But what about one of his earliest film roles, Hot Pursuit? Did you ever catch him in Mystery Men, the late '90s comedy about a team of would-be superheroes that are essentially average Joes? See, you've missed out on a lot.

As such, I think it's only right that we take a moment to commemorate Stiller's storied career, as well as Brad's Status, by looking back on the roles you may have forgotten about. 

1 /16: 'The Watch'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'The Watch'
Image: Twentieth Century Fox

1/16 :'The Watch'

Suburban dads take their neighborhood watch duties a little too seriously when they suspect their neighborhood has been invaded by aliens. Stiller leads the pack in this hilarious but little-seen comedy, co-starring Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill.

2 /16: 'Tower Heist'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Tower Heist'
Image: Universal Studios

2/16 :'Tower Heist'

This ensemble comedy sees Stiller teaming with Oscar winner Casey Affleck, Michael Peña and Eddie Murphy as they try to rob the apartment of their very wealthy employer after feeling cheated in their work.

3 /16: 'Madagascar'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Madagascar'
Image: Dreamworks

3/16 :'Madagascar'

In this animated romp, Stiller stars as Alex the lion, an animal who is used to being king of the zoo but is suddenly — and literally — at sea when he and his friends accidentally get shipped to Madagascar.

4 /16: 'Greenberg'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Greenberg'
Image: Scott Rudin Productions

4/16 :'Greenberg'

Here, Stiller plays Roger Greenberg, a man who is housesitting for his brother in Los Angeles. As he slowly encounters his brother's friends and co-workers, it's clear that Greenberg's bleakly realistic outlook on life needs to be changed.

5 /16: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
Image: HBO

5/16 :'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Stiller has a short arc in the hit HBO TV series Curb Your Enthusiasm, where he played a version of himself contemplating doing a Broadway show with the show's protagonist, Larry David. 

6 /16: 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'
Image: Dreamworks

6/16 :'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy'

Stiller had a pitch-perfect cameo in the infamous news team fight sequence in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy that dang near stole the show. 

7 /16: 'Duplex'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Duplex'
Image: Miramax Films

7/16 :'Duplex'

Starring alongside Drew Barrymore, Stiller gives a memorable performance as half of a put-upon New York City couple who dream of owning the perfect duplex — but first, they have to off its elderly tenant.

8 /16: 'School for Scoundrels'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'School For Scoundrels'
Image: Dimension Films

8/16 :'School for Scoundrels'

Appearing in a small role as Lonnie, a creepy war veteran who had the love of his life stolen by a life coach, Stiller makes a lasting impression in School for Scoundrels.

9 /16: 'Envy'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Envy'
Image: Columbia Pictures

9/16 :'Envy'

Stiller co-starred with Jack Black in this 2004 comedy about a man (Stiller) who grows increasingly jealous of his best friend and neighbor (Black) when he invents a product that makes him an overnight success.

10 /16: 'Keeping the Faith'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Keeping The Faith'
Image: Touchstone Pictures

10/16 :'Keeping the Faith'

In this religiously themed rom-com, Stiller stars with Edward Norton as a rabbi and a priest, respectively, who are close friends and happen to be in love with the same woman. Let the hijinks ensue. 

11 /16: 'Your Friends & Neighbors'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Your Friends & Neighbors'
Image: Polygram Filmed Entertainment

11/16 :'Your Friends & Neighbors'

Dubbed "a modern immorality tale" in the original trailer, Your Friends and Neighbors tells the story of a group of friends (and, yes, neighbors) who swap partners and fall into bed with each other as a way of exploring their own sexual desires.

12 /16: 'Mystery Men'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Mystery Men'
Image: Universal Pictures

12/16 :'Mystery Men'

Stiller joins a team of comedy greats, including Hank Azaria, Janeane Garofalo and William H. Macy, as a group of amateur superheroes who possess no superpowers but have a desire to save the day. 

13 /16: 'Zero Effect'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Zero Effect'
Image: Castle Rock Entertainment

13/16 :'Zero Effect'

Stiller stars alongside Bill Pullman as the sidekick of a detective who is investigating the blackmail of a powerful business magnate. 

14 /16: 'Permanent Midnight'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Permanent Midnight'
Image: Lionsgate

14/16 :'Permanent Midnight'

Stiller stars in this intense indie drama about a Hollywood writer who is struggling to balance his rising career with his deeply destructive addiction to heroin. 

15 /16: 'Fresh Horses'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Fresh Horses'
Image: Weintraub Entertainment Group

15/16 :'Fresh Horses'

Stiller co-starred with Andrew McCarthy and Molly Ringwald in this film about a Cincinnati college student who falls in love with a younger-than-she-appears teenager. Stiller plays Tipton, your typical college student who is also the best friend of McCarthy's character.

16 /16: 'Hot Pursuit'

Ben Stiller roles you forgot about: 'Hot Pursuit'
Image: RKO Pictures

16/16 :'Hot Pursuit'

In one of Stiller's earliest film roles, he starred alongside John Cusack and Robert Loggia in a film about a young man (Cusack) who goes to the Caribbean to save his girlfriend and her family.