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Where All the ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Characters Left Off in Season 3A

Fear the Walking Dead picks up on Sept. 10 where we all left off at the mid-season finale of the AMC series’ third season, but, uh… where did we all leave off again? It’s been a whirlwind few months where new characters and the loss of more familiar ones is concerned. 

It hasn’t been a super-easy season for our heroes. Their lives grow increasingly complicated with each passing day as they figure out which alliances are worth having and which ones could potentially cost them their lives. But Nick, Alicia and Madison have managed to stick beside one another for the most part, and that unity has clearly saved their skins on occasion. 

You want specifics, though, right? We don’t blame you. Summer has a way of wiping the ol’ memory bank clean. So, to catch you up before Season 3 resumes, here’s a briefer on where we left off with each of the key characters. 

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