25 Cutest Photos of Michael Bublé's Family

Sep 8, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Image: Iconic/Getty Images

Michael Bublé’s distinctive music may have earned him countless listeners worldwide, but it’s the singer’s sunny personality that has captured the hearts of millions. And Bublé gives credit for his practically palpable happiness to his original fan club: his wife, Luisana Lopilato, and their sons Noah, 4, and Elias, 20 months, called Eli for short.

Fans have followed along as the sweet family has grown, enjoying snapshots of a life centered on being present with each other. So, naturally, the world felt heartbroken right alongside the couple when they revealed in November 2016 that little Noah had been diagnosed with cancer and was currently undergoing treatment in the United States.

While the beloved singer has been quiet on social media as he and his wife focus on Noah’s fight (he's doing well!), Michael will be turning 42 on Sept. 9. In celebration of another year of great music and priceless family moments, here’s a look back at some of this oh-so-adorable family’s sweetest times together so far.

Our birthday wish for you, Michael, is nothing short of all the health, happiness and love your family’s hearts can hold.

1 /25: Message to Mommy

1/25 :Message to Mommy

2 /25: The family that tours together

2/25 :The family that tours together

3 /25: The best kind of birthday

3/25 :The best kind of birthday

4 /25: Happy superheroes

4/25 :Happy superheroes

5 /25: Password: peanut butter

5/25 :Password: peanut butter

6 /25: Skipping stones

6/25 :Skipping stones

7 /25: Multi-tasking mama

7/25 :Multi-tasking mama

8 /25: Deep thinkers

8/25 :Deep thinkers

9 /25: Hoppy Easter

9/25 :Hoppy Easter

10 /25: Napping, family style

10/25 :Napping, family style

11 /25: You are my sunshine

11/25 :You are my sunshine

12/25 :M-I-C-K-E-Y

13/25 :M-O-U-S-E

14 /25: Close contact

14/25 :Close contact

15 /25: A bird in the hand

15/25 :A bird in the hand

16/25 :#TBT

17 /25: That hair, tho

17/25 :That hair, tho

18 /25: Carousel time

18/25 :Carousel time

19 /25: Call off the search

19/25 :Call off the search

20 /25: The princess and the pea

20/25 :The princess and the pea

21 /25: Team spirit

21/25 :Team spirit

22 /25: A bright outlook

22/25 :A bright outlook

23 /25: Bubbly toes

23/25 :Bubbly toes

24 /25: The duck days of summer

24/25 :The duck days of summer

25 /25: Life's a beach

25/25 :Life's a beach