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14 Times Famous Moms & Daughters Worked Together in Film

Hollywood has a whole new version of the power couple rising up in full force: mother/daughter duos. And you won’t just find their names paired together in tabloid headlines. These powerful ladies are teaming up, making movie magic and adding even more star power to their household names.

While some mother/daughter duos like Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson prefer to keep their work separate, others are all about sharing the spotlight. After all, it’s about who you know, right? From Meryl Streep to Demi Moore and Jada Pinkett Smith, most Hollywood moms can’t wait to work with their daughters as they grow up. I mean, starring in a movie with your mom definitely sounds like the ultimate in family bonding experiences.

Do you think Meryl Streep is interested in adopting another child? I’m available. (I kid, I kid, I love my mother way too much.)

Did your favorite mother/daughter duo make our list? Check it out.

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