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All the Outlander Spoilers in One Place

As Sept. 10 draws near and with it the Season 3 premiere of Outlander, anticipation over the time-traveling Starz series reaches near fever pitch. The last time we saw our star-crossed lovers, Jamie had sent Claire back to 1948 to protect her. He never thought he’d actually survive the Battle of Culloden, and therefore didn’t plan to mourn the loss of his great love and their child. But he did survive, and now they must both navigate lives without each other in them. 

What will happen with Claire and Jamie? Did Claire really return to Frank for good? Is it even possible for her to return to the 1700s? And what about the baby?! The questions keep coming, and fans are ready for answers. 

Of course, much of the mystery surrounding the fate of our favorite characters will remain just that — a mystery — until Season 3 actually unfolds. However, that’s not to say we can’t do a bit of pre-premiere homework. If you can’t wait another minute without some intel, keep reading to find out scoops about the season’s biggest storylines. 

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