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The Most Important Celebrity Lawsuits Through the Years

The lifestyles of the rich and famous can sometimes get sadly complicated. It isn’t all red carpet parties and luxury mansions. The cost of living that high-profile lifestyle can be a steep one, especially when it leads to lawsuits. A lot of your favorite celebrities have seen the inside of a courtroom.

Although many, like Taylor Swift and Kate Middleton, find themselves in court battling for justice, others, like Michael Jackson and Lindsay Lohan, find themselves battling for their reputations.

Right or wrong, these celebrities took to the courts to fight in sweeping legal battles that didn’t just make headlines, they also made history. They have defined the expectations for the music and entertainment industry for everyone, including paparazzi, producers and even on-set drivers.

Here are the most important celebrity-involved lawsuits that have lived on and created change or sometimes just lived on because the road to justice is a long and tedious journey, even for celebrities.

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