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27 Celebrity Babies Celebrating Birthdays in September

Why are celebrity’s babies so cute? Just kidding — all babies are cute, but for some reason, we’re really obsessed with celebrities’ babies. Probably because they’re already destined to live lives of the rich and famous. I mean… it’s pretty much a given unless something totally unexpected happens. 

Regardless, most of them are too young to even realize the world they’ve been born into (or appreciate it just yet) but a lot of them are growing a year older this September. The celebs’ babies in this list were born in September, and are either Virgos (Sept. 1 through 22) or Libras (the rest of September). Virgos are analytical, kind, hardworking and practical. Libras are kind and gentle lovers of beauty, harmony and peace. Either way, they sound like they’re going to be pretty awesome adults to us.

Here are the celeb babies celebrating birthdays in September. Warning: There are a lot!

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