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The Official Release Dates for All Your Favorite Shows Coming Back in Fall

Autumn is almost upon us, and you know what that means: It’s almost time for a whole slew of TV shows to premiere their newest seasons for us. We have a ton of great shows coming back onto the air; it’s been far too long since many of these shows left us on tenterhooks with their juicy season finales. We need some answers and quickly!

Fall 2017 is going to be a season of endings as well as new beginnings. As it happens, a number of our favorite shows are going to have their last-ever season premieres, including The Middle, The Mindy Project and Scandal. Meanwhile, some of our favorites are coming back from epic cliffhanger finales, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Mick. And some shows are choosing to start completely fresh by resetting their story — that’d be Once Upon a Time.

Check out when your favorite shows are coming back this fall and — bonus! — find out some fun casting and new season details too.

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