The Official Release Dates for All Your Favorite Shows Coming Back in Fall

by Allie Gemmill
Aug 31, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET
Fall 2017 TV premiere dates

Autumn is almost upon us, and you know what that means: It's almost time for a whole slew of TV shows to premiere their newest seasons for us. We have a ton of great shows coming back onto the air; it's been far too long since many of these shows left us on tenterhooks with their juicy season finales. We need some answers and quickly!

Fall 2017 is going to be a season of endings as well as new beginnings. As it happens, a number of our favorite shows are going to have their last-ever season premieres, including The Middle, The Mindy Project and Scandal. Meanwhile, some of our favorites are coming back from epic cliffhanger finales, like Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and The Mick. And some shows are choosing to start completely fresh by resetting their story — that'd be Once Upon a Time.

Check out when your favorite shows are coming back this fall and — bonus! — find out some fun casting and new season details too.

1 /22: 'American Horror Story: Cult'

1/22 :'American Horror Story: Cult'

The hit Ryan Murphy show will be back with some 2016 election-inspired horror on Sept. 5. Recently, it was revealed that the show will focus on various cult leaders (played by Evan Peters) like David Koresh, Jim Jones and Andy Warhol while also telling its main story. 

2 /22: 'Black-ish'

2/22 :'Black-ish'

The Johnson family will return for Season 4 to learn and give more life lessons to one another while welcoming the newest addition, Devante, to the family.

3 /22: 'The Big Bang Theory'

3/22 :'The Big Bang Theory'

Sheldon and the gang return on Sept. 25. Perhaps some of the most interesting news about this new season is that there is crossover potential with The Young Sheldon, the CBS spinoff.

4 /22: 'Broad City'

4/22 :'Broad City'

Abbi and Ilana return on Sept. 13. Interestingly, on top of cameos from RuPaul, Steve Buscemi and Wanda Sykes, the show will be bleeping Trump's name whenever he comes into the conversation. 

5 /22: 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

5/22 :'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

Jake Peralta and his band of misfit cops will return for Season 5 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Sept. 26. 

6 /22: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

6/22 :'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

Rachel Bloom is coming back for Season 3 of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Oct. 13. This third season will be, according to TVLine, akin to Fatal Attraction, except funnier, and there's a chance that Greg (Santino Fontana) will come back after being absent for most of Season 2. There will also be a new theme song and opening credits and one "Disney-style" opening number. 

7 /22: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

7/22 :'Curb Your Enthusiasm'

Larry David returns with his meta/somewhat autobiographical hit HBO show Curb Your Enthusiasm for a ninth season on Oct. 1. It's been six years since the show was last on air, so we've got a lot of catching up to do. 

8 /22: 'The Goldbergs'

8/22 :'The Goldbergs'

The Goldbergs are bringing back their '80s good times for a fifth season on Sept. 27.

9 /22: 'The Good Place'

9/22 :'The Good Place'

The Good Place is back on Sept. 20, and we'll finally find out more about Michael's true intentions for The Good Place. We'll even see more of the story from his perspective according to Indiewire's latest report.

10 /22: 'Grey's Anatomy'

10/22 :'Grey's Anatomy'

Grey's Anatomy is back for its 14th season on Sept. 28. This season reportedly includes a shocking season opener and the return of Kim Raver for a short arc. 

11 /22: 'How to Get Away with Murder'

11/22 :'How to Get Away with Murder'

HTGAWM is back on Sept. 28. According to TVLine, Jimmy Smits will be joining this season, and E! News reported that star Viola Davis' husband Julius Tennon will be joining the cast, although details of his role were kept secret.

12 /22: 'Jane the Virgin'

12/22 :'Jane the Virgin'

Jane the Virgin returns after a dramatic and traumatic season earlier this year on Oct. 13. After the death of Jane's husband, Michael, and a big time jump, is it finally time for her and Rafael to get together?

13 /22: 'Kevin Can Wait'

13/22 :'Kevin Can Wait'

Kevin Can Wait is coming back forever changed when Season 2 premieres on Sept. 25. After Erinn Hayes was reportedly ousted from the show, the show's star, Kevin James, was set to be reunited with his longtime King of Queens co-star Leah Remini. Remini will be getting a billing bump up from guest star to series regular this season

14 /22: 'The Middle'

14/22 :'The Middle'

The Middle will embark on its final season this fall when Season 9 premieres Oct. 3.

15 /22: 'The Mick'

15/22 :'The Mick'

The Mick will return for Season 2 on Sept. 26, but after their mansion burned down in the Season 1 finale, it's unclear how Mackenzie and her family will start over.

16 /22: 'The Mindy Project'

16/22 :'The Mindy Project'

The Mindy Project embarks on its final season on Hulu on Sept. 12. Chris Messina will reportedly return to his role as Danny Castellano, and Mindy Lahiri's relationship with Ben the nurse will get put under the microscope — will they make it to the end?

17 /22: 'Modern Family'

17/22 :'Modern Family'

The unstoppable, unflappable, undeniably fun hit show Modern Family is back for Season 9 on Sept. 27. 

18 /22: 'Once Upon a Time'

18/22 :'Once Upon a Time'

Once Upon a Time will reset for Season 7 on Oct. 6. In the upcoming season, an adult Henry will team with his long-lost daughter and embark on the kinds of fairy tale-inspired adventures he once had with his mother, Emma Swan.

19 /22: 'Scandal'

19/22 :'Scandal'

Scandal will begin its final season on Oct. 5. When we rejoin our gladiators, Olivia will be working for Mellie, now the President, Cyrus will be Vice President, and actor Jay Hernandez is joining the star-studded cast.

20 /22: 'Supernatural'

20/22 :'Supernatural'

One of the longest-running shows currently airing on The CW, Supernatural returns for lucky Season 13 on Oct. 12.

21 /22: 'This Is Us'

21/22 :'This Is Us'

We'll rejoin the Pearsons on Sept. 26 for Season 2 of This Is Us. Mandy Moore already shared a clip where Randall gets advice from his mom about how to be a good adoptive parent (try not to cry watching it) and we've also learned Sylvester Stallone will have a guest role as one of Kevin's co-stars on the Ron Howard film he's working on. 

22 /22: 'Will & Grace'

22/22 :'Will & Grace'

The Will & Grace revival has already been greenlit for Season 2 — before Season 1 has even aired on Sept. 28. OK, so, it's technically Season 9 since the show ended its eighth season in 2006, but go with us here. Harry Connick Jr. is set to return and reportedly, the revival will ignore the Season 8 finale, which saw the split of Will and Grace, instead choosing to rewrite history, and now, they're still roomies in 2017.