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19 Celebs Who Publicly Show Their Affection for Marijuana

Mary Jane. Reefer. Weed. Ganja.

Marijuana is perhaps one of the most common, mainstream drugs in use today. It’s appreciated for its mellowing effects as well as the ways in which it can influence creativity, so it’s perhaps not too radical a statement to say that the relationship between marijuana and various celebrities is very strong. Whether they use it to disconnect from the hectic celebrity lifestyle or smoke to help get the creative juices flowing, there’s no doubt that marijuana and artistic endeavors go hand-in-hand. There are tons of celebrities who have made their love of this groovy, mind-altering drug known. Some have gone on to not only be prolific smokers but also grow their own strains of weed and sell it across the United States.

So, let’s take a look at some of the iconic celebs and some surprising ones who love their bud, shall we?


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