The Best of John Stamos' Hair

by Caroline Goddard
Aug 18, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Which has greater longevity, John Stamos' career or his hair? Some might tell you it's an impossible question to answer. Since his acting debut in 1982 on the daytime soap General Hospital as street kid Blackie Parrish, Stamos has never stopped working — and neither has his hair.

That thick, dark, luscious, glorious head of hair has seen him through roles on huge TV shows like Full House, ER, Glee, Grandfathered and Scream Queens; movies like Party Monster and My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2; and even Broadway's Bye Bye Birdie. That hair has seen him win a Daytime Emmy Award for General Hospital and a People's Choice Award for Grandfathered. That hair has seen him date some of the most beautiful women in the world while eating your favorite grocery store yogurt. That hair has been long, short, a mullet, and nearly a crew cut, but it has always been thick, dark and lovely. Seriously, you can totally feel your fingers in it right now, can't you?

Just close your eyes and imagine... or, better yet, look at these pics and imagine.

1 /18: John Stamos in 1983

1/18 :John Stamos in 1983

Stamos had a party in the back during his stint on General Hospital.

2 /18: John Stamos in 1984

2/18 :John Stamos in 1984

Stamos' modified mullet screamed BMWs and pink popped collars.

3/18 :John Stamos in 1986

A year before Full House begins, Stamos and his hair attend the Los Angeles Free Clinic Benefit in December 1986.

4 /18: John Stamos & Heather Locklear in 1989

4/18 :John Stamos & Heather Locklear in 1989

Stamos channeled his inner George Michael in this look with Heather Locklear in 1989.

5 /18: John Stamos & Paula Abdul in 1990

5/18 :John Stamos & Paula Abdul in 1990

Stamos hit up the Grammys with Paula Abdul in 1990.

6 /18: John Stamos in 1992

6/18 :John Stamos in 1992

Stamos rocked the floppy bangs at the 1992 Emmy Awards.

7 /18: John Stamos in 1994

7/18 :John Stamos in 1994

John Stamos brought the slicked-back look to the premiere of True Lies in 1994.

8/18 :John Stamos in 2000

That thick head of hair surely kept Stamos' head nice and cozy-warm at Sundance in 2000.

9 /18: John Stamos in 2002

9/18 :John Stamos in 2002

John Stamos in his shortest haircut ever arrives at the Roundabout Theater Company's 2002 Spring Gala.

10 /18: John Stamos in 2004

10/18 :John Stamos in 2004

Stamos went back to the floppy bangs in 2004.

11 /18: John Stamos in 2007

11/18 :John Stamos in 2007

Stamos during his ER era with doctor hair.

12 /18: John Stamos in 2008

12/18 :John Stamos in 2008

Stamos went back to Sundance, this time with a beard.

13 /18: John Stamos in 2011

13/18 :John Stamos in 2011

Stamos and his hair went to a party at The Getty House.

14 /18: John Stamos in 2012

14/18 :John Stamos in 2012

Stamos at the 22nd Annual MusiCares Benefit Gala honoring Paul McCartney.

15 /18: John Stamos in 2013

15/18 :John Stamos in 2013

Stamos is sporting a little gray!

16 /18: John Stamos in 2015

16/18 :John Stamos in 2015

But poof! That gray is miraculously gone again by 2015.

17 /18: John Stamos in 2016

17/18 :John Stamos in 2016

Stamos on the night of his 2016 People's Choice Awards win.

18 /18: John Stamos in 2017

18/18 :John Stamos in 2017

Thirty-five years after he first hit it big in the industry, Stamos and his hair look better than ever.