Kim Cattrall's 17 Most Memorable 'SATC' Looks

by Allyson Koerner
Aug 19, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. ET

There's no question that Sex and the City was and will forever be memorable. Samantha Jones, played by Kim Cattrall, is one of the reasons is it's such a standout.

Like her many unforgettable quotes, Cattrall's fashion as Samantha is something fans will never forget.

Just like Samantha's carefree attitude about other peoples' judgments, she didn't care what anyone thought when it came to her outfits. Fashion was her way of embracing her true self — not to mention the perfect way to express herself.

Samantha's clothing also spoke to who she was each season. Whether she was in a new relationship, facing issues within her friendships, conquering a new sex position or fighting the biggest battle of her life, breast cancer, her outfits told a story. 

Samantha's style was just as transformative as she was throughout the series and the two feature films. 

With that, let's take a look at some of her more memorable fashion, showcasing exactly who Samantha was.

1 /17: Rockin' the spikes

1/17 :Rockin' the spikes

Classy, but feisty. Yeah, that was so Samantha.

2 /17: Love that gingham crop top

2/17 :Love that gingham crop top

The only way she cooked out.

3 /17: The beach look

3/17 :The beach look

Looking fly with two drinks in hand = perfection.

4 /17: In-your-face with Chanel

4/17 :In-your-face with Chanel

That is one massive Chanel scarf.

5 /17: A huge hat for secret looks

5/17 :A huge hat for secret looks

It's bigger than Rachel Green's beach hat on Friends.

6 /17: It's getting hot in here

6/17 :It's getting hot in here

Now that is how you seduce a fireman.

7 /17: Shiny and bright

7/17 :Shiny and bright

No one else could ever pull off this look.

8 /17: The only way to milk a cow

8/17 :The only way to milk a cow

Serously, she wore that hat while milking a cow, aka a seduction technqiue.

9 /17: Now that's a swimsuit

9/17 :Now that's a swimsuit

She's bringing that suit to life.

10 /17: Who's ready to eat?

10/17 :Who's ready to eat?

The only way she would serve Smith sushi.

11 /17: A colorful wedding

11/17 :A colorful wedding

Her bridesmaid gown is beyond.

12 /17: The only way to stay warm

12/17 :The only way to stay warm

Her fur coat is over the top, too.

13 /17: Those boots are made for walking

13/17 :Those boots are made for walking

How can anyone forget those boots?

14 /17: Hugh Hefner-approved

14/17 :Hugh Hefner-approved

What anyone wears to the Playboy Mansion, of course.

15 /17: Pulling off the short hair

15/17 :Pulling off the short hair

Samantha didn't let cancer stop her from dressing extremely well.

16 /17: The '80s rocker look

16/17 :The '80s rocker look

This Sex and the City 2 flashback outfit is fire. 

17 /17: Introducing Lil' Kim

17/17 :Introducing Lil' Kim

Samantha never let the cancer win, even when it came to her style.