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11 Times Bill Clinton Was Like Everyone’s Goofy Grandpa

If there is one word that describes Bill Clinton, it is “charisma.” The man knows how to work a room, whether it be a small local business or a giant convention center — or, especially, the world stage. And that talent has not faded with age, but rather evolved. Yes, Clinton is a grandfather now, and he has developed a lovely friendship with both George Bushes, who were former political foes. He still loves a good photo opp and knows how to play it up for the cameras. In fact, some of his funniest social media posts lately have been photos with sly references to the follies of the Trump administration. While Clinton would have made a spectacular First Gent, we will have to settle for him continuing to work for equality and progress through organizations like the Clinton Foundation. We really wouldn’t mind him hosting an episode of Saturday Night Live next season, though.

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