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18 Iconic Images of Madonna Through the Years

It’s hard to believe Madonna has done so many amazing things. Successfully reinventing herself, raising a huge family and giving us some of the most memorable pop songs ever — Madonna’s led a colorful life.

Dancey, girl-positive, and erotically powerful are all ways we’d describe the music of the Queen of Pop. It seems that Madonna was always destined to be a star, even before she broke out into superstardom in the mid-’80s. Always reinventing her image, constantly improving upon her vocal talent, pushing boundaries in her live shows all over the world — there’s truly never been anyone like Madonna. There are talented people who’ve tried: Lady Gaga seems to have stolen her flair for the flamboyant, but she’ll never match the beauty, sex appeal, and ballsiness that Madonna has. But the businesswoman inside her knows there’s no such thing as bad publicity, even when you’re churning out eyebrow-raising music video like the video for “Like a Prayer” or making out with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears at the MTV VMAs.

So, turn up your boom boxes as loud as they go, pop on Madonna’s hit “Vogue” and click through our slideshow of her most iconic looks.

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