The Hottest Photos of the Guys Rachel Didn't Pick On The Bachelorette Because #Thirsty

by Lauren Kelly
Aug 11, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Look. We all know the finale of The Bachelorette was terrible. It was a massive let down. Rachel swooned us all season – she was the best, literally THE BEST Bachelorette of all time – until she let Peter go over a simple, really-not-that-defining question. We saw it. We felt it. It hurt. 

But the good thing is, Rachel left the world with so many available men ready for the taking. I mean, I don’t want to objectify but good lord, some of her men were serious chunks of meat. I’d bite them off and chew for a bit. A very long bit. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. 

For that very reason, on this very Friday, I decided I would task myself of sifting through thousands of Instagram photos to find the hottest pics of the men she let go. Because her mistake is our gain and these guys are looking for the loving. If  you’re single (I’m not. Damnit!), get on Tinder and keep swiping left until you find the guys Rachel stupidly let go. 

Warning: There are 5 photos of Peter ahead and then I get onto the rest. Trust me, he's that good. 

1 /15: Peter Kraus

1/15 :Peter Kraus

They would have had so many cute gap-toothed babies. 

2 /15: Peter Kraus take 2

2/15 :Peter Kraus take 2

He actually submitted this picture to initially apply for The Bachelorette. No wonder they casted him. 

3 /15: Peter Kraus take 3

3/15 :Peter Kraus take 3

I meeeean... Rachel? You out there? You see what you gave up on? Shmh. 

4 /15: Peter Kruas take 4

4/15 :Peter Kruas take 4

"I am man. I carry bike." He can carry me too, if he'd like.

5 /15: Eric Bigger

5/15 :Eric Bigger

Oh my god Becky, look at that butt. 

6 /15: Blake Killpack

6/15 :Blake Killpack

You can't see his face in this picture? Who cares. You've come to the wrong place if that's what you want. 

7 /15: Dean Unglert

7/15 :Dean Unglert

Dean recently said he regrets taking this photo. I don't regret it. Not one bit. 

8 /15: Fred Johnson

8/15 :Fred Johnson

I did not see this side of Fred on The Bachelorette but I sure wish I had. The thirst is real.

9 /15: Alex Bordyukov

9/15 :Alex Bordyukov

His caption literally says "Warning! This is a thirst trap!" At least he's honest.

10 /15: Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland

10/15 :Kenneth "Diggy" Moreland

We did not get enough (shirtlett) Diggy on The Bachelorette. Good thing he's headed to paradise. 

11 /15: Brady Ervin

11/15 :Brady Ervin

Are you kidding me? Like, really. Is this a joke? How can one person be that freaking good looking? It's almost rude.

12 /15: Kenny King

12/15 :Kenny King

Kenny! I loved him. He disappointed me a little in the end but alas, I'd still let him wrestle me. 

13 /15: Anthony Battle

13/15 :Anthony Battle

In between being a standup guy, saving the world & traveling to Africa, Anthony takes shirtless pics. 

14 /15: Blake Elarbee

14/15 :Blake Elarbee

I did NOT want to include Blake in this but... you can't really deny that this picture is fire. 

15 /15: To wrap this all up...

15/15 :To wrap this all up...

I will leave you with this. Just imagine being in between this... you're welcome.