Ranking All the Worst Wigs in 'Game of Thrones' History

by Jessica Hickam
Aug 7, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET

For the most part, Game of Thrones — like everything else the show does — absolutely crushes the wig game. The elaborate braids and stunningly perfect waves are a sight to behold. In fact, Game of Thrones-style hair has become a wedding trend for ladies everywhere. And who wouldn't want luscious locks like Daenerys is rocking right now in Season 7?

That being said, there have been a few instances where the show misses the mark. Granted, sometimes they miss it intentionally in order to showcase a character's strife. Other times they just downright miss.

From the least horrendous to the eyesores, we've got your ranking of the worst Game of Thrones wigs. Not only are these funny to see, but they're also a great way to look back at the show and remember the wigs that have come and, thankfully, gone. Though some are still haunting us in Season 7.

Which wig is the absolute worst? Click through to find out.

1 /9: The Hound

1/9 :The Hound

No. 9:

The Hound makes it on our list as the least worst because, well, his horrible hair is intentional. It isn't just the burn scars that make this wig look rough, it's the fact that the Hound never looks bathed. Ever. His hair always looks like it smells terrible. And it probably does. So... good job?

2 /9: Season 1 Cersei

2/9 :Season 1 Cersei

No. 8: 

Talk about aging up. I guess if the show wanted to make Cersei look like a matriarch, mission accomplished. This was just one of many severe hairstyles Cersei sported in Season 1. Luckily, by Season 2, they had done away with this old lady swoop and opted for much sexier, loose waves for Cersei. Until, well, you know, she lost all her hair in Season 5. There was less shame in that than in this wig.

3 /9: Purple Wedding Margaery

3/9 :Purple Wedding Margaery

No. 7:

Look, I get the whole symbolism of the stag in Margaery's wedding hairstyle. But it looks like the show put a whole deer on her head. Plus, Joffrey wasn't a very tall dude and, with that hairstyle, Margaery has like 6 inches on him. Not that there's anything wrong with a girl being taller than a guy, but when it's her hair adding the towering façade, there's a problem. 

4 /9: Season 5 Daenerys

4/9 :Season 5 Daenerys

No. 6: 

I know she was all kidnapped and beat up by Dothraki and whatnot but, girl, control the frizz. 

5 /9: Season 1 Finale Sansa

5/9 :Season 1 Finale Sansa

No. 5: 

This is Sansa's hairstyle from the scene where Ned loses his head. But I would much rather have seen someone chop off this red creature on top of Sansa's head. 

6 /9: Season 1 Arya

6/9 :Season 1 Arya

No. 4: 

There was a moment before actress Maisie Williams cut her hair when she wore a wig during the scene where she met Hot Pie for the first time. The wig was, well, not great. Luckily, Williams and the rest of the GoT crew wised up, and Williams cut her real hair, which she now rocks in the show, much to the relief of everyone who remembers this wig. 

7 /9: Season 5 Bran

7/9 :Season 5 Bran

No. 3: 

What is on Bran's head?! He looks like a non-albino version of the albino from The Princess Bride. Pair that with his three-eyed raven looks, and this wig was just not a pretty picture for Bran. 

8 /9: Season 3 Daario

8/9 :Season 3 Daario

The Worst, Runner-Up: 

Why was Daario's hair so pretty? It was girly man-hair on this fierce warrior, and it just made absolutely no sense. If a Game of Thrones battle with Daario was a real battle, the first thing that would happen is his opponent would grab onto those luscious locks and slit his throat. 

9 /9: Season 7 Cersei

9/9 :Season 7 Cersei

The Worst: 

I know we're supposed to loathe Cersei in Season 7, but her wig is almost as bad as her character. That fakey yellow color just hurts my soul. And those bangs... why those bangs?! Every scene she's in, that's all I'm thinking. Her wig is hands down, without a doubt, the worst.