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16 Movies That Are So Bad They’re Good

There are good movies and there are bad movies. But at some point, a movie gets so bad that something amazing happens: Everything reaches a tipping point of terrible that makes it fun to watch again. This phenomenon has resulted in a special pool of films that we love even though we understand that they are also basically garbage. In fact, we love them exactly because they are garbage. 

Before we get started, there are a few rules and guidelines we used to compile this best worst movies list: 

  • It can’t be intentionally bad. Sorry, Sharknado. We want our bad movies to come with a heavy dose of sincerity. 
  • There can’t be a large number of people who sincerely like the movie. This cancels out a few great best worst options, like Point Break, Bring it On, and Adventures in Babysitting. 
  • It had to be a theater release — so all Lifetime movies were eliminated. They are still terribly wonderful, though. 
  • It can’t be just boring or just confusing or just low-budget. We were looking for movies that are actually entertainingly bad. 
  • We couldn’t list every single Steven Seagal movie, so we just listed one that represents them all. 

Ready? Click through to see if your favorite (least favorite?) made the list. 

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