When Big Little Lies, 13 Reasons Why & 18 Other Shows Are Coming Back to TV

by Allie Gemmill
Aug 9, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

There are a lot of television shows to choose from these days, and once you find a show you like, it's easy to get immersed very quickly. So, it's totally understandable that once the credits roll on a season finale, you'll want to know the premiere date for your show's next season. I mean, as if it wasn't torturous enough to have to wait months upon months for your favorite show to come back, what kind of cruel twist of fate would leave you in the dark about how many months you'll be waiting?

As such, I think it's only right that I let you in on some good intel about when your favorite shows are returning. These are some big ones: The Walking DeadWill & Grace13 Reasons Why and Fuller House. Even though some shows are confirmed for a new season but still have yet to have a concrete return date, I'm including it because, again, who wants to be left in the dark when there's crucial information to be learned?

Check out when your fave shows are returning. 

1 /20: '13 Reasons Why'

1/20 :'13 Reasons Why'

An exact date has been unconfirmed, but this important story will continue in 2018 on Netflix.

2 /20: 'Stranger Things'

2/20 :'Stranger Things'

Things gets even stranger for the residents of Hawkins, Indiana, on Oct. 27 on Netflix.

3 /20: 'Big Little Lies'

3/20 :'Big Little Lies'

Big Little Lies is unconfirmed for Season 2, but it could happen. If so, Season 2 would premiere in 2019 on HBO.

4 /20: 'This Is Us'

4/20 :'This Is Us'

The Pearsons will be back to break our hearts and make us laugh on Sept. 26 on NBC.

5 /20: 'The Walking Dead'

5/20 :'The Walking Dead'

Rick and his comrades will be fighting Negan and the zombies on Oct. 22 on AMC.

6 /20: 'The Big Bang Theory'

6/20 :'The Big Bang Theory'

Sheldon and his friends will be back on Sept. 25 on CBS.

7 /20: 'Game of Thrones'

7/20 :'Game of Thrones'

The final season, Season 8, will wrap up this epic story in a handful of episodes sometime in 2018 or 2019 on HBO.

8 /20: 'Will & Grace'

8/20 :'Will & Grace'

Your favorite New York City foursome returns for a special reboot on Sept. 28 on NBC.

9 /20: 'The Good Place'

9/20 :'The Good Place'

See what the fork is going to happen to Eleanor and her friends when Season 2 premieres on Sept. 28 on NBC.

10 /20: 'Scandal'

10/20 :'Scandal'

Olivia Pope is back and will most likely be embroiled in something truly scandalous on Oct. 5 on ABC.

11 /20: 'Once Upon a Time'

11/20 :'Once Upon a Time'

The show will go through a reset for Season 7 and we join adult Henry on his adventures on Oct. 6 on ABC.

12 /20: 'Riverdale'

12/20 :'Riverdale'

Archie and his gang return for more dramatic teen intrigue on Oct. 11 on The CW.

13 /20: 'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

13/20 :'Crazy Ex-Girlfriend'

Find out what happens to Rebecca Bunch, who was just left at the altar, on Oct. 13 on The CW.

14 /20: 'Fuller House'

14/20 :'Fuller House'

Fuller House Season 3 is back on Sept. 22 on Netflix.

15 /20: 'Santa Clarita Diet'

15/20 :'Santa Clarita Diet'

Drew Barrymore will continue to play a zombie in the suburbs in 2018 on Netflix.

16 /20: 'The OA'

16/20 :'The OA'

The OA is confirmed to return sometime in early to mid-2018 on Netflix.

17 /20: 'Black Mirror'

17/20 :'Black Mirror'

The technologically induced paranoia returns for Season 4 in 2018 on Netflix.

18 /20: 'The Crown'

18/20 :'The Crown'

The royal drama and intrigue will indeed return for Season 2, most likely in 2018 or early 2019, on Netflix.

19/20 :'Love'

Love Season 3 is confirmed, but a release date is unknown. Chances are good it will return in 2018 on Netflix.

20 /20: 'Arrested Development'

20/20 :'Arrested Development'

The Bluths will return for Season 5, currently in production. The show will most likely return in late 2018 on Netflix.