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The Newest Cast Members of the ‘Sharknado’ Franchise

When SyFy released the first Sharknado made-for-TV movie in 2013, they likely had no idea the campy sci-fi creature feature would become a viral sensation worldwide. Was it totally ridiculous? Of course! But watching ‘90s heartthrob Ian Ziering and everyone’s favorite party girl Tara Reid quite literally battle back from the brink of obscurity by surviving a natural disaster of mythical proportions proved irresistible.

Each year since, their characters, Fin and April, have returned to our television screens to take on another atmospheric shark crisis. And this year, the film franchise will see them doing much of the same in Sharknado 5. Of course, they won’t be alone — the Sharknado series is famous for dropping just as many celebrity cameos out of the sky as it does ocean dwellers.

If the new cast members look familiar, there’s good reason. Whether you realized it at the time, you’ve probably seen their faces on screen before. Here’s a look at who’s new and what they were up to prior to their big Sharknado debuts.

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