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The Unfiltered Beach Bods of Your Favorite Celebs

Summer: a time for sun, surf, friends, family, rest, relaxation and lots of adventures. We may have all scattered to the wind this summer while we sought some R&R, but chances are good we also spied on some of our favorite celebs via social media as they did the same these last few months. As such, chances are high you saw some of the celebs who showed their beach bodies unfiltered.

While you’re enjoying the sun, there’s no time to photo edit out the sunburn, freckles or even the slight bulge in your tummy. And why would you? All bodies are beach bodies, which means all those celebs were living their best lives when they showed off their unfiltered selves. If anything, their summertime snaps should be cause for inspiration and celebration; we should all live as confidently as they do (if you aren’t already, that is).

Let’s celebrate the celebs who bared it all with nary a care this summer.

A version of this article was originally published in August 2017.

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