The Unfiltered Beach Bods of Hollywood's Favorite Celebs

by Allie Gemmill
Aug 4, 2017 at 7:30 p.m. ET

Summer: a time for sun, surf, friends, family, rest, relaxation and lots of adventures. We may have all scattered to the wind this summer while we sought some R&R from the rat race, but chances are good we also spied on some of our favorite celebs via social media as they did the same these last few months. As such, chances are high you saw some of the celebs who showed their beach bodies in an unfiltered setting.

While enjoying the sun, there's no time to photo edit out the sunburn, freckles or even the slight bulge in your tummy. And why would you? All bodies are beach bodies, which means all those celebs were living their best lives when they showed off their unfiltered selves. If anything, their summertime snaps should be cause for inspiration and celebration; we should all live as confidently as they do (if you aren't already, that is).

Let's celebrate the celebs who bared it all and gave nary a care this summer.

1 /21: Hilary Duff

1/21 :Hilary Duff

Duff posted a body-positive photo with her son, Luca, and wrote an empowering caption to go with it. Read here

2 /21: Carrie Underwood

2/21 :Carrie Underwood

While on vacation this summer, Carrie Underwood posted a no-filter photo looking like a creamsicle dream in her orange bikini.

3 /21: Julianne Hough

3/21 :Julianne Hough

While on her honeymoon with her husband, Brooks Laich, Dancing with the Stars judge Julianne Hough looked like the definition of "fitness" when she posed on a swing with her killer abs. 

4/21 :Kris Jenner

Khloé Kardashian celebrated her mama, Kris Jenner, on her Instagram over the summer after Kris ostensibly sent her a stunning mirror selfie while on vacation. Get it, Kris!

5 /21: Zac Efron

5/21 :Zac Efron

Baywatch actor Zac Efron blessed all of us when he decided to pose (shown on the far left) with his friends for a no-filter sunset photo over the summer. Just look at how those abs glisten in the fading light. 

6 /21: Yolanda Hadid

6/21 :Yolanda Hadid

Former model and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Yolanda Hadid looking out onto the water while wearing a hoodie and a thong-style bikini bottom to showcase her bum. 

7 /21: Halle Berry

7/21 :Halle Berry

Now in her 50s, Oscar-winning actor Halle Berry celebrated summertime like she was a youngster: by jumping up in the air with a carefree smile on her face.

8 /21: Jessica Simpson

8/21 :Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson celebrated her birthday in July by looking oh-so chill on a pool float. I guess what they say is true: If the sun's out, the buns come out too. 

9/21 :Kevin Hart

Funny man Kevin Hart took a summer vacation with his pal Ludacris. While there, Luda snapped a pretty dope pic of Hart in his swim trunks by the pool posing with a cigar. 

10 /21: Sharon Stone

10/21 :Sharon Stone

Unreal: Actor Sharon Stone vacationed in Montana over the summer, and while there, took a moment to chill on the deck of a boat in a two-piece that showed off her beautiful curves.

11 /21: Amy Schumer

11/21 :Amy Schumer

Comedian and actor Amy Schumer nearly let it all hang out as she had a laugh by the pool over the summer. 

12 /21: Jason Momoa

12/21 :Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa continues to be his handsome, rugged self while chillin' at the beach with — inexplicably — his motorcycle. That's what you bring to the beach, right? Your motorcycle and your well-formed biceps?

13 /21: Rebel Wilson

13/21 :Rebel Wilson

Actor Rebel Wilson took a break between filming Pitch Perfect 3 and her new film with Liam Hemsworth, Isn't It Romantic, to hang poolside.

14 /21: Ashley Graham

14/21 :Ashley Graham

Plus-size model and all-around #BodyGoals human Ashley Graham (pictured on the far right) went to the beach with her friends this summer — arguably the best way to be at the beach, am I right?

15 /21: Janet Mock

15/21 :Janet Mock

Author, activist and pop-culture personality Janet Mock took her time to rest on a giant ice pop in her amazing two-piece bathing suit this summer. 

16 /21: Serena Williams

16/21 :Serena Williams

Williams often radiates pure joy, both on and off the tennis court. Arguably, though, she's looked especially radiant this summer as she's taken time off to enjoy her pregnancy and the rest and relaxation that comes with it. 

17 /21: Chris Hemsworth

17/21 :Chris Hemsworth

Even Thor needs some downtime from saving the universe and the beings in it with a cheeky beach holiday. Hemsworth (pictured left) looks good in his beach attire, even from a distance. 

18 /21: Chrissy Teigen

18/21 :Chrissy Teigen

Twitter clap-back queen and genuinely delightful, saucy celeb Chrissy Teigen took a moment to pause with her best friend, daughter Luna, by the pool this summer. 

19 /21: Gwyneth Paltrow

19/21 :Gwyneth Paltrow

While on vacation in France, Iron Man actor and Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow paused for a sunny selfie while sporting her sunnies. 

20 /21: Lindsay Lohan

20/21 :Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan looks like she's having a blast while on vacation over the summer. Look at that location: jade-green water and plenty of sun. What a great way to relax.

21 /21: Christina El Moussa

21/21 :Christina El Moussa

HGTV star Christina El Moussa chilled with her pup on a lounge chair in the pool, because who says you have to trade one for the other?