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14 Photos of Tom Brady Simply Being a Dad

Whatever you think of football and whatever you think of Tom Brady as a football player, you’ve got to give it to the NFL Pro-Bowler when it comes to parenthood. The possible all-time greatest quarterback might also be in the running for most awesome dad if Instagram has anything to say about it.

Brady, who is turning 40 today, has three children: almost-10-year-old Jack, who he had with his ex-girlfriend, actor Bridget Moynahan, as well as 7-year-old Ben and 4-year-old Vivian, who he is raising with wife, supermodel and activist Gisele Bündchen.

We’ve seen plenty of pictures of Brady holding a football in mid-throw and staring determinedly at the end zone. Let’s take a look at some pics of the future Hall of Famer holding it down as a father.

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