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30 Movies Releasing Sequels Through 2020

It’s not surprising that when a particular film does well in Hollywood, there will always be eager talk about whether a sequel is happening. In fact, sequels are the rule these days rather than the exception, and that proof is in the nearly 150 planned film sequels through 2020 that Hollywood has in the works. 

Lots of the sequels on various studio schedules are part of major superhero franchises. When a new franchise is announced, you can typically expect at least three installments or even a huge collaborative effort. That’s why films like Wonder Woman and Avatar are heading our way very soon. Other times, Hollywood stumbles into a world that’s very expandable and interesting, leading to the demand for sequels. Think Zombieland and Edge of Tomorrow — both are getting sequels through 2020. Finally, there are some film franchises that are as old as the hills that still have some life in them, like Top Gun and Star Wars — expect future installments of these franchises by 2020 too. 

All in all, Hollywood’s got big plans for some of our favorite sci-fi, fantasy, action, comedy and drama titles. Check out our slideshow to see which films are coming to theaters through 2020.

A version of this article was originally published in July 2017.

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