14 TV Friend Groups We'd Actually Want to Hang With

by Allie Gemmill
Aug 1, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Friends on TV: they come in lots of sizes and personalities, so it's fairly easy to find a group of fictional friends you identify with and root for them endlessly. In fact, I'd wager that the friend groups on TV are so relatable, you've probably found yourself wishing that they existed IRL just so you could join them. Admit it: there are some super-cool characters on TV right now and in days gone by. 

On that note, here's just a handful of TV friend groups that are definitely contenders for "Friends I Wish Really Existed So I Could Befriend Them ASAP." Check out who made the list. 

I mean, who wouldn't want to befriend people like Ross, Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler and Joey from Friends? What about the ultra-rich, ultra-glam Upper East Siders of Gossip Girl? And I know you've found yourself weighing the pros and cons at least once of being friends with Michael Scott from The Office (I know I have). 

1 /14: 'Stranger Things'

1/14 :'Stranger Things'

There's nobody you'd want by your side to fight a Demogorgon more than Eleven, Mike, Dustin and Lucas.

2 /14: 'Big Little Lies'

2/14 :'Big Little Lies'

The may be prone to cattiness, but the Big Little Lies women are always a seriously strong, supportive bunch.

3 /14: 'Insecure'

3/14 :'Insecure'

Issa and Molly keep it real. They would fight for you, cheer you on and tell you when to act right. Let's befriend them ASAP.

4 /14: 'How I Met Your Mother'

4/14 :'How I Met Your Mother'

When it comes to finding friends who will have a drink with you and bitch about life, you gotta go with the HIMYM crew.

5 /14: 'Friends'

5/14 :'Friends'

This is a no-brainer: the friends of Friends are forever #FriendGoals.

6 /14: 'Sex and the City'

6/14 :'Sex and the City'

Why choose which one you want to be when you could be friends with all of them?

7 /14: 'Parks and Recreation'

7/14 :'Parks and Recreation'

I dare you to show me a better, more supportive set of friends than Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. 

8 /14: 'The Big Bang Theory'

8/14 :'The Big Bang Theory'

The TBBT crew is one of a kind, and that's exactly the kind of friend group you should want to be a part of.

9 /14: 'Gilmore Girls'

9/14 :'Gilmore Girls'

Sharing some super pop culture-specific banter over a cup of coffee with Lane and Rory sounds pretty ideal. 

10 /14: 'Orange Is the New Black'

10/14 :'Orange Is the New Black'

The women of OITNB are such powerful & funny women, you'd definitely want to hang with them — prison or not.

11 /14: 'Master of None'

11/14 :'Master of None'

Because Dev and Arnold's love for one another is as strong as their love of pasta, and that is deeply relatable. 

12 /14: 'Riverdale'

12/14 :'Riverdale'

Who wouldn't want to hang out with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead as they solve crimes and drink chocolate malts?

13 /14: 'The Office'

13/14 :'The Office'

Michael Scott might get you into trouble from time to time, but playing pranks with him would be epic, too.

14 /14: 'Gossip Girl'

14/14 :'Gossip Girl'

Because living the high life with Blair and Serena sounds mighty fine to me.