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13 Celebrities Who Are in Their 90s

There is something special about the golden age of Hollywood, including, most obviously, the celebrities who made it what was. We’ve lost many icons as the years have passed, but there are some actors, actresses and singers who are still with us today. Believe it or not, many of them continue to showcase their talents on the stage and the big and small screens.

Seeing as legendary singer Tony Bennett turns 90 on Aug. 3, it seems appropriate to take a look at a handful of Old Hollywood celebs who are still going strong. They have all transformed the entertainment industry in some way, shape or form, that’s for sure. It’s wonderful to see that most of them won’t stop pursuing their dreams and are still giving back to their fans in amazing ways.

With that, here are 12 celebrities who are in their 90s (and a few who are even older) and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon — and we thank them for that.

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