Prince George & Princess Charlotte's Cutest Moments From Their Summer European Tour

by Allyson Koerner
Jul 26, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET

Prince George and Princess Charlotte's European summer tour with their parents, Prince William and the former Kate Middleton, is the cutest one yet. The family has been venturing around Germany and Poland for five days and returned home last Friday. As it goes with usually everything the royals do, their tour has captured the eyes of many.

As much as we adore William and Kate, George and Charlotte definitely steal their parents' spotlight whenever they are out and about. From their fashion sense to their sweet smiles to even their tantrums, they are the most adorable royal siblings (sorry Prince Harry and William) yet. Kate and William, you two did well.

So, to celebrate George and Charlotte, let's take some time to look at a few of their cutest moments that have occurred throughout their European journey. They truly are memorable.

Warning: The cuteness may be too much to handle, so prepare yourselves.

1 /14: Boarding the plane

1/14 :Boarding the plane

They know how to board with style.

2 /14: Shielding the eyes

2/14 :Shielding the eyes

They are either exhausted or hiding their eyes from the sun.

3 /14: A future pilot

3/14 :A future pilot

He's already taking after his dad.

4 /14: George's new accessory

4/14 :George's new accessory

That helmet looks good on you, George.

5 /14: Getting sleepy

5/14 :Getting sleepy

Charlotte has never looked sweeter.

6 /14: George is so over it

6/14 :George is so over it

George is everyone who doesn't want to be around people.

7 /14: He knows how to pose

7/14 :He knows how to pose

He doesn't even know the statement he's making.

8 /14: Stop & smell the flowers

8/14 :Stop & smell the flowers

That bouquet is in some super-adorable hands.

9 /14: Shaking hands

9/14 :Shaking hands

He looks like he has a firm grip. Also, look at Charlotte's priceless face.

10 /14: An airplane with a view

10/14 :An airplane with a view

Charlotte, why are you so stinking cute?

11 /14: Charlotte loving on Kate

11/14 :Charlotte loving on Kate

They are the sweetest mother-daughter duo ever.

12 /14: Holding dad's hand

12/14 :Holding dad's hand

It looks like he's even trying to kiss it. 

13 /14: Making funny faces

13/14 :Making funny faces

One of George's best reactions.

14 /14: A little jumping around

14/14 :A little jumping around

Hey, she has to keep herself entertained somehow during the long tour.