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Things About Sandra Bullock You Never Knew

Can you believe it’s been 31 years since Sandra Bullock made her first movie, Hangmen? Since then, the actor has become part of our cultural consciousness as the ultimate girl next door through roles that — though sometimes silly and sometimes serious — have always been down-to-earth (yes, even Gravity).

From her highest highs of her Oscar win for The Blind Side to her lowest lows of finding out her husband was cheating on her in the most public of ways while they were in the middle of adopting a baby, Bullock has always had us rooting for her. She’s funny, she’s talented, she’s self-deprecating, she’s a great mom, and she’s a major Hollywood player. She has moved far beyond so-called “chick flicks” into the realms of murder mysteries and science fiction.

In honor of her 53rd birthday, here are some amazing, random facts you have probably never heard about the woman we all wish was our BFF.

A version of this article was originally published in July 2017.

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