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Gordon Ramsay’s Got Serious Beef With These 11 People

If there’s one person who really loves to have a good, shady row in public, it’s celebrity and world-class chef Gordon Ramsay. While his temper is famously memorialized on shows he hosts like Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell, that temper might come back again in his new show, The F Word. Of course, The F Word looks like it’s going to be a bit more light-hearted than his earlier shows, but hey, if his history of famous feuds is anything to go by, then a flare-up could happen at any time.

Looking at his track record, Ramsay’s been in the center of some very famous feuds in his time. Mostly, Ramsay has been ready to pick a bone or two or throw some shade at a plethora of other famous chefs — he even went to court over one particularly nasty incident with his father-in-law. 

Get the 411 on all Ramsay’s run-ins over the years here.

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