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10 Game of Thrones Characters Who Look Totally Different in Real Life

Over the last six seasons, we have gotten to know the (what feels like 8,000) characters on Game of Thrones so well. We’ve seen then murder and get murdered, fall in love, fall off buildings, lose limbs and ride on dragons. But do we know what they look like in real life? Strap in, because we are about to take a look at how different 10 GoT cast members look like in real life. You might be surprised to find that they are much less dirty, much less covered in armor, and (in some cases) much less evil than they are on screen. In some cases, they look totally different altogether. It’s amazing what a wig, a costume and a lot of acting can do to one’s appearance. 

When you turn on Season 7 of Game of Thrones in just a few nights, you’ll never look at your favorite characters the same way again. 

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