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‘Friends from College’: Where You’ve Seen the Cast Members Before

One of the latest Netflix originals to drop is Friends from College, a hilarious and incisive half-hour dramedy that follows the lives and relationships of six people who have been friends since their time as undergrads at Harvard. Contemplating what happens when life gets messy, unfulfilling or even a bit morally tangled as you grow up, the show brings together six talented — and super-familiar — actors to make this dramedy come to life.  

Ethan, Lisa, Sam, Nick, Max and Marianne are working hard and trying to navigate their relationships with one another as they grow up. With two people in this friendship group engaged in an almost 20-year affair, others hitting professional roadblocks and some considering breaking free from the confines of their lives, these friends are still surprising each other all these years later. 

Watching Friends from College, you might be wondering where exactly you’ve seen these actors before. If only you had something to jog your memory, like, a slideshow perhaps? Keep clicking and learn more about the cast of Friends from College.

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