15 Pictures of Jessica Simpson's Seriously Beautiful Family

by Madeleine Somerville
Jul 7, 2017 at 5:00 p.m. ET

These pictures of Jessica Simpson's adorable, fair-haired family are giving us some serious blonde ambition.

1 /14: Meet Ace, the high flyer

1/14 :Meet Ace, the high flyer

Husband and dutiful dad, Eric Johnson, tosses his young son Ace in the air during a pool time play sesh.

2 /14: Long hair, don't care

2/14 :Long hair, don't care

We are totally here for Ace's long hair. He's got the beach bum look on lockdown and we love it.

3/14 :Stylin'

Maxwell has definitely inherited Jessica's fashion style. 

4 /14: Preschool piano man

4/14 :Preschool piano man

Perhaps Ace will end up following in his musical mama's footsteps!

5 /14: Impossibly cool

5/14 :Impossibly cool

Both of Simpson's kids embody an effortless, undone cool. Here, her son Ace watches a baseball game.

6 /14: Beach blondes

6/14 :Beach blondes

For daughter Maxwell's birthday, the family held a mermaid bash and fit right in with the beachy aesthetic.

7/14 :Dapper dude

Look at little Ace! The curls! The bow tie! I die.

8 /14: School cuties

8/14 :School cuties

OMG. Their school pictures. The cute. Stahhhhhp.

9 /14: Picture perfect

9/14 :Picture perfect

This is basically the cutest family ever. I mean, Eric is holding Maxwell up with one arm. Are you seeing this? Uh-mazing.

10 /14: The graduate

10/14 :The graduate

Maxwell at her preschool graduation is basically the cutest thing ever. Who knew they made graduation caps that small?

11/14 :Doting dad

Check out Eric Johnson looking super cool as he cuddles with the kids after bath time.

12 /14: Sun-kissed siblings

12/14 :Sun-kissed siblings

Jessica's kids seem super close. Look at them standing there holding hands!

13 /14: Two budding artists

13/14 :Two budding artists

Simpson's two kids have ample room for their artistic expression!

14 /14: Mini-Jessica

14/14 :Mini-Jessica

Maxwell Drew is a total mini-me of her famous mom.