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11 Gay Celebrities Who Are Married

Who doesn’t love a great love story? The first meeting, the falling in love, maybe even a wedding. Sure, you can absolutely have a spectacular, long-lasting relationship without tying the knot, but there is something that feels a little extra about “’til death do us part.” Maybe that’s why it’s so easy to obsess over your favorite celebrity couples (and why it feels personal when their relationships end).

To celebrate excellent love stories, we wanted to shine a light on gay and lesbian celebrities and their happy marriages or engagements. Some of them have been married a while and others are newlyweds, but all of them prove that love is love is love.

These are the same-sex celebrity couples who have leveled up from lovers to spouses. Read on to find out all the deets on the engagements, the weddings and the families these pairs have celebrated. Congratulations to the happy couples!

A version of this article was originally published in June 2017.

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