How These 25 Hollywood Dads Were Celebrated on Father's Day

by Allie Gemmill
Jun 19, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET

Which celeb dads got a special shoutout or shared their dad-tastic happiness on Sunday? Check it out here. 

1 /25: Hugh Jackman's dad

1/25 :Hugh Jackman's dad

Hugh Jackman posted a sweet note with his dad and wished a Happy Father's Day to all dads. Classic Jackman. 

2 /25: Tom Brady

2/25 :Tom Brady

Tom Brady posted a sweet snap with his son on the Great Wall on the special holiday. 

3 /25: DJ Khaled

3/25 :DJ Khaled

The DJ felt the love for his first Father's Day. "I made a promise on Oct. 23, the birth of my son [...] that everyday every second every breath is my son's day!!"

4 /25: Michael Phelps

4/25 :Michael Phelps

The Olympic swimmer shared some cute father-son time with his son Boomer in his teepee.

5 /25: David Beckham

5/25 :David Beckham

Victoria Beckham celebrated her husband David, writing on Instagram, "The best daddy in the world!!! We all love u so, so much."

6 /25: Mahershala Ali

6/25 :Mahershala Ali

The Oscar winner shared a contemplative but tender photo of himself and his daughter Bari. 

7 /25: Chance the Rapper

7/25 :Chance the Rapper

Chance, who often shares his sweet relationship with his daughter, shared a super-cute photo with a simple question: "What's love?"

8 /25: Rob Kardashian

8/25 :Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian shared a snap with his daughter Dream. Oddly, the caption sounded bit shady but sweet (?). You decide: "Happy Father's Day to all the GOOD Fathers out there!" 

9 /25: Dane DeHaan

9/25 :Dane DeHaan

The actor celebrated his first Father's Day by sharing a photo of himself and his daughter Bowie snuggling.

10/25 :Kanye West

West's wife Kim Kardashian shared this adorable photo of the men in her life as part of her Father's Day celebrations.

11 /25: Ryan Lochte

11/25 :Ryan Lochte

Lochte, a new dad, shared a Father's Day video that showed him sharing some quality time with his son Caiden. 

12 /25: Mark Wahlberg

12/25 :Mark Wahlberg

Wahlberg shared his happiness at spending the day with his daughter. "So glad to be able to spend Father's Day with my daughter and missing my other three kids (and wife)! Happy Father's Day to all dads everywhere!"

13 /25: Justin Timberlake

13/25 :Justin Timberlake

Timberlake flipped the script and celebrated his family on Father's Day. "These 2 angels...The greatest gift I've ever known. And, the reason I won't EVER STOP! Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there!"

14 /25: Mark Ruffalo

14/25 :Mark Ruffalo

Ruffalo shared a slideshow that featured his kids and captioned the loving slideshow with, "Happy #Fathers Day to all my fellow father figures around the world. Grateful."

15 /25: Jessica Simpson's husband

15/25 :Jessica Simpson's husband

No words necessary for Jessica Simpson to showcase just how special a father her husband Eric Johnson is to their family. 

16 /25: Jason Sudeikis

16/25 :Jason Sudeikis

Olivia Wilde probably had the best Father's Day caption for her fiancé, Jason Sudeikis. "Happy Fathers Day to this wonderful person, who is not only an amazing (loving, fun, kind, wise) dad, but also an incredible partner, who has made it possible for this mama to chase her dreams, always cheering her on, even when her mom-guilt hits hard. That's love. Otis, Daisy, and I are so very lucky. (also... DILF.) #sorrynotsorry."

17 /25: Ryan Dorsey

17/25 :Ryan Dorsey

The Glee actor didn't need a caption to showcase the cuteness of a Father's Day cake, which featured her hubby Ryan Dorsey and their son Josey in all their adorable glory. 

18 /25: Jacob Tremblay's dad

18/25 :Jacob Tremblay's dad

Probably the cutest tiny human on the planet, actor Jacob Tremblay had the most earnest and kind Father's Day tribute. He captioned a photo of himself and his father at an event with, "Happy #FathersDay to my Super Dad! #BuddiesForLife!"

19 /25: Taye Diggs

19/25 :Taye Diggs

Diggs self-celebrated by sharing a photo with his son hanging out on the basketball court and captioned the photo, "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!!! Share your favorite memory of being a father or a son/daughter. #happyfathersday."

20 /25: Chrissy Teigen's dad

20/25 :Chrissy Teigen's dad

The hilarious Chrissy Teigen took a moment to celebrate her father on Father's Day. She shared a photo of the two on her wedding day and captioned it, "Can't forget the first important father in my life. The man who never stopped working to make sure we had the best life possible. I was so proud to hold your arm on this day and so proud to call you my dad every day. Love, your boogernose goober."

21 /25: Barack Obama

21/25 :Barack Obama

The former first lady shared a throwback photo of Barack Obama and his daughters, Sasha and Malia. She reminded him in her caption that they'd always look up to their father: "Happy #HappyFathersDay @BarackObama. Our daughters may be older and taller now, but they’ll always be your little girls. We love you."

22 /25: Justin Trudeau

22/25 :Justin Trudeau

The Canadian prime minister shared a collage of himself and his kids on the special day and wrote, "The best buddies I could ever ask for. Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there!"

23/25 :Usher

The R&B singer shared a silly photo with his son and wrote, "It's the small moments we share that I love the most. What's your special #FathersDaymemory?"

24 /25: Prince Charles & Prince William

24/25 :Prince Charles & Prince William

The official account for the royal family shared two adorable photos of two special royal dads, Prince Charles and Prince William, captioning the photo: "Happy Father's Day. Wishing all the fathers out there a very happy day."

25 /25: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

25/25 :Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Of course, Johnson made sure to feature his adorable daughter Jasmine in his Father's Day photo. "Big Father's Day smile as I'm leaving the house to go to work and my baby comes running to me saying, 'up up' to sit on my shoulders. As busy and complex as my life is, these simple core moments with my ohana will always be my anchor for balance and gratitude. Trying to get her to smile but she's too fascinated by the 'beauty' aka huge circumference of my bald head."