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Best Summer Reads: 15 Vacation & Beach Reads That Never Get Old

You know what makes beach reads and summer reads so great? They’re meant to be easy. And by easy, we mean books that’ll suck you in with their impeccable storytelling, their irresistible characters and the lessons they leave you with. Maybe they’re books you’ve read a million times over because you love them that much, or maybe they’re books that are completely new to you. Whatever the case may be, summer reads have this way of inspiring creativity, inspiration, wanderlust — and all the emotions.

From newer releases and books-turned-films to classic, iconic novels, these 15 books are perfect for throwing into your pool or beach bag or shoving into your backpack while you pack for your next flight. Plus, they span genres from hilarious memoirs and chick lit to horror and adventure, so you know there’s something in this list for everyone.

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