These Are Some of the Best & Unlikeliest Celebrity Friendships We're Living For

by Caroline Goddard
Nov 27, 2017 at 2:30 p.m. ET

Everyone needs a bestie, right? Even if you're a celeb with the world at your feet, you still need someone you can count on through thick and thin — and we've got to admit, we are jealous of these dynamic duos.

1 /17: Tiffany Haddish & Barbra Streisand

1/17 :Tiffany Haddish & Barbra Streisand

This is a relatively new, unlikely and yet wholly delightful friendship development: Saturday Night Live host and Girls Trip star Tiffany Haddish met icon Barbra Streisand in November 2017 and Haddish didn't hesitate to document the moment. Posting a super cute selfie of herself and Babs, she captioned the moment with this cheeky sentiment: "Just so y’all know I taught my big sister about @CardiB_ today." Oh, what we would have given to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation!

2/17 :Drake & Bella Hadid

Drake and Bella Hadid have been friends for some time and they took their friendship to a new level recently when they celebrated Hadid's birthday together. In fact, Drake actually threw Hadid's party and took time to put it all together as well as make sure everyone she loves and cares about was close by her on her special day. How cute is that?

3 /17: Kate Winslet & Shailene Woodley

3/17 :Kate Winslet & Shailene Woodley

These two stars bonded while on the set of Divergent. Recently, Woodley opened up about how she forged her lasting bonds of friendship with the Titanic actor and what it's like to get the courage to talk to a woman you admire so much: "One of the greatest gifts I’ve had in my life is to receive the sisterhood of Kate," Woodley stated. "It’s easy to forget the amount of courage it takes to be someone like her, to stand up and talk to young women for as many years as she has about body image, self-confidence, being your own person and loving yourself."

4 /17: Niall Horan & Katy Perry

4/17 :Niall Horan & Katy Perry

The former One Direction band member and Ms. Perry herself have been best buds since 2014. The two popped up in each other's respective Instagram feeds back in the day as they've remained tight for the last three years. To this day, these two are supportive of one another through thick and thin, with Horan recently wishing Perry happy birthday on Twitter.  

5 /17: Rooney Mara & Joaquin Phoenix

5/17 :Rooney Mara & Joaquin Phoenix

Before we thought they were just friends, but now we know they're not-so-secretly in love — aka, they're dating, people, and it's a match made in freaking heaven.

6 /17: Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

6/17 :Martha Stewart & Snoop Dogg

This unlikely friendship was forged way back in 2008 when they made mashed potatoes together on Martha. It evolved into Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. "I've never met anyone like Martha Stewart," Snoop told Rolling Stone in 2016. "When we come together, it's a natural combination of love, peace, and harmony."

7 /17: Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson

7/17 :Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson

After 20 years, these two crazy kids not only support each other's artistic endeavors — Depp often plays at Manson's gigs, and Manson often shows up to Depp's movie premieres — but they even have matching friendship tattoos. Some might say it's a little extra, but we can dig it.

8 /17: Jenny Slate & Mae Whitman

8/17 :Jenny Slate & Mae Whitman

When Slate broke up with Chris Evans, Whitman was the first one to get an SOS text. And when she had to face her ex at the premiere of their movie Gifted, Whitman was at her side as her date.

9 /17: Adam Levine & Jonah Hill

9/17 :Adam Levine & Jonah Hill

You'd think these two met at some naked pool party thrown on Leonardo DiCaprio's yacht, but they've actually been friends since they were kids. They're so close that Hill even officiated Levine's wedding to Behati Prinsloo.

10 /17: Aziz Ansari & Jennifer Lawrence

10/17 :Aziz Ansari & Jennifer Lawrence

There were rumors these two were dating after spending Valentine's Day 2016 together and hitting up a friend's wedding in Italy, but nothing has been confirmed. We don't care if they're doing the dirty, we just want to eavesdrop on their brunch convos!

11 /17: Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek

11/17 :Penelope Cruz & Salma Hayek

These two have been BFFs for at least 20 years — a relationship that even survived the time Cruz "punk'd" Hayek.

12 /17: Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid

12/17 :Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid

A high school friendship with Bella Hadid evolved into gaining a new BFF when Jenner and Hadid hit the modeling circuit at the same time.

13 /17: Reese Witherspoon & Sofía Vergara

13/17 :Reese Witherspoon & Sofía Vergara

This duo struck up a friendship while filming Hot Pursuit, and by the looks of their Instagrams spend every minute together laughing their asses off.

14 /17: Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston

14/17 :Courteney Cox & Jennifer Aniston

Instant BFFs on the set of Friends, Cox and Aniston have seen each other through marriages, divorces, career ups and downs and everything in between.

15 /17: Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

15/17 :Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake

Any friendship that results in an SNL skit like The Barry Gibb Talk Show is something we need more of in our lives.

16 /17: Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

16/17 :Tina Fey & Amy Poehler

The comedy power duo forged their friendship 25 years ago in improv class. The rest is TV history.

17 /17: Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland

17/17 :Beyoncé & Kelly Rowland

Their roots stretch all the way back to 1992, and while Destiny's Child hasn't been a thing for a decade, Bey and Rowland's friendship is still going strong.