'Twin Peaks': The OG Cast Then Vs. Now

by Allie Gemmill
May 19, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. ET

It's almost time for the Twin Peaks revival to hit our TVs. Let's refresh with a quick cast recap, shall we?

1 /15: Kyle McLachlan

1/15 :Kyle McLachlan

Kyle McLachlan returns as Special Agent Dale Cooper. Will his pie cravings be satisfied this time around?

Before he joined up for another Twin Peaks run, he's been spotted all over the place, including roles on the hit show Portlandiaand as the voice of the father in Pixar's hit feel-good film Inside Out.

2 /15: Mädchen Amick

2/15 :Mädchen Amick

Oh hey there, Mädchen Amick. I mean, Shelly Johnson. Looks like you've stayed put as a diner waitress.

Before Amick came back to Twin Peaks to serve the best damn pie around, she's maintained a steady presence in television. Amick's popped up on Witches of East End, Love, and most recently, on Riverdale.

3/15 :David Lynch

David Lynch, creator and director of Twin Peaks, also returns as Special Agent Gordon Cole.

What would Twin Peaks be without Lynch's mile-hair salt-and-pepper coif and quirky sensibilities? Lynch has directed a great many short films in recent years but stunningly, his last feature film was 2006's Inland Empire. It's good to have you back, Mr. Lynch. 

4 /15: Lara Flynn Boyle

4/15 :Lara Flynn Boyle

In the original series, Lara Flynn Boyle starred as Donna Hayward, Laura Palmer's grieving best friend.

While there's been no mention from Boyle that she's returning for the revival, she's kept herself a little busy since she was in Twin Peaks more than 20 years ago. Showing up in Men In Black IIand and episode of Law & Order in 2008, Boyle's career has simmered considerably since her peak performance days.

5/15 :Michael Ontkean

As Sheriff Harry S. Truman (an easy name to remember, as Dale Cooper notes), Michael Ontkean may be back on Twin Peaks & probably eating a donut.

While his last credited appearance is in 2014's Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, there's no doubt in my mind that he'll pop up somewhere in the revival, even if only to be referenced by another character. Before The Missing Pieces, Ontkean could be spotted in a plethora of TV movies, shows and indie films; his most notable recent appearance was in the George Clooney-starrer The Descendents

6/15 :Sherilyn Fenn

Sherilyn Fenn will reprise her role as the alluring Audrey Horne. Will she try to cozy up to Dale Cooper once again?

Fenn's maintained a strong connection to Twin Peaks over the years. She's popped up, as Audrey, at various Twin Peaks events, including a Twin Peaks celebration in the UK in 2014. Aside from her career-making role as Audrey, Fenn's also appeared in Gilmore Girls, Psych, Magic City, Ray Donovan and Shameless. You've been pretty damn busy, girl!

7/15 :Dana Ashbrook

Dana Ashbrook, who played Bobby Briggs (boyfriend to both Laura Palmer & Shelly Johnson), is back for, according to his IMDb page, the entirety of the Twin Peaks revival. This indicates he may be playing a large role in the story, which is definitely exciting. Over the years (and like many of his Twin Peaks co-stars), Ashbrook's had a fruitful career as a character actor and TV actor. He's appeared for short runs on shows like Psych, Rosewood and Dawson's Creek

8/15 :Peggy Lipton

Double R Diner owner Norma Jennings, played by Peggy Lipton, is right where we left her back in 1991.

In real life, Lipton may be best known to the younger crowd as the mother of Parks & Rec actor Rashida Jones. That said, Lipton's had a long, long career in film and TV. Her most recent and notable post-Twin Peaks roles include A Dog's Purpose, Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, and Psych

9 /15: James Marshall

9/15 :James Marshall

Secret beau of Laura Palmer James Hurley (played by James Marshall) returns looking tougher and moodier in the latest promo stills from the revival. Back in 1991, after Twin Peaks had gone off the air, Marshall appeared in films like A Few Good Men, alongside Naomi Watts in The Shaft, and more recently, Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces.

10/15 :Ray Wise

Leland Palmer, played by Ray Wise, was a man of many secrets, so of course he's back for the Twin Peaks revival.

Even if you don't know his name, you've most definitely seen Wise's face appear in a ton of film and TV projectslike Fresh Off The Boat, X-Men: First Class, Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, The Young & The Restless and Agent Carter. Whew, that's a lotta work.  

11 /15: Harry Goaz

11/15 :Harry Goaz

It looks like Harry Goaz is back as the kind but dimwitted Twin Peaks deputy Andy Brennan. What's he investigating now? Goaz's own acting resumé remains quite trim – only 10 credited roles since he first appeared in Twin Peaks — so it would appear that the only way to get Goaz back on set is if David Lynch comes a-knockin'. 

12/15 :Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee, who played murdered teen Laura Palmer on Twin Peaks, is set to return for the revival. But how? It would also seem that Lee will forever be associated with Laura Palmer.

Earlier this year, it was announced Lee will narrate a Twin Peaks audiobook as Laura Palmer. Of course, she has cultivated a career outside the iconic role. Most recently, Lee was seen in Woody Allen's Café Society and indie films Jackie & Ryan, alongside Katherine Heigl, and White Bird In A Blizzard with Shailene Woodley.

13 /15: Grace Zabriskie

13/15 :Grace Zabriskie

Grace Zabriskie looks a bit worse for the wear as Laura Palmer's mother, Sarah, in this revival photo. In real life, though, Zabriskie has shown up in a variety of places, often using her dourness to her advantage in playing unsettling or unusual characters. She recently appeared in Netflix's The Santa Clarita Diet, as well as mid-'00s horror flick The Grudge and TV shows Ray Donovan and The Killing.

14 /15: Catherine E. Coulson

14/15 :Catherine E. Coulson

The Log Lady cometh. Well, actually it's just actor Catherine E. Coulson, but you know that if she's coming back to Twin Peaks for the revival, she's going to be bringing her big ol' log, too. Coulson is another Twin Peaks actor with a fairly small acting resumé. Over years, since her breakout role on Twin Peaks, she's appeared in episodes of Psych and Portlandia as well as Twin Peaks movie prequels Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces.

15 /15: Kimmy Robertson

15/15 :Kimmy Robertson

Sweet Kimmy Robertson returns, squeaky voice and all, as Lucy Moran. Aside from Twin Peaks, you've most likely seen Robertson in tons of film and TV rolesbecause she is another beloved character actor to find success post-Twin Peaks. This includes bit parts and short runs on shows like Psych, House of Mouse, Drake & Josh, Pepper Ann and The Tick