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Jennifer Lopez Never Ages — & We Have the Photos to Prove It

Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lopez! Jenny from the Block turns 51 Friday, although if we were the betting types we’d say she must be a vampire. Because, honestly, she only seems to get more youthful as the years go by — and it makes us feel better to imagine she has access to some immortal well that we don’t. Exhibit A? Today is her 51st birthday and, well, just look at her. Between her and Paul Rudd, we’re pretty sure there’s something to be said for the age-reversing effects of being unproblematic.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with looking your age. Every age is beautiful, and we’re all for embracing every stage of your life. However, Lopez goes to show that age-related social tropes are irrelevant. Her skin is impossibly dewy. Her body is bangin’. She can storm a concert stage and outperform people half her age. At 51, she isn’t letting anyone tell her what she should or shouldn’t be able to do. She’s out there doing all the damn things! Granted, while it’s fun to joke that she’s been sipping from the fountain of youth, the reality is that Lopez puts in the work to maintain her agelessness. She works out, abstains from smoking and drinking (both alcohol and caffeine), takes care of her skin, gets at least eight hours of sleep at night, chugs water around the clock and practices mindfulness.

But as the following photos prove, the end result is looking as though she’s aging in reverse. Keep scrolling for a serious dose of inspiration courtesy of Jenny from the Block.

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