'Supernatural' Season 12 finale photos are call for concern

by Allyson Koerner
May 18, 2017 at 5:30 p.m. ET

We're just as concerned as Sam and Dean look in this picture.

1 /31: Oh no, Sammy

1/31 :Oh no, Sammy

Here's hoping he and Dean find a way out of the bunker.

2 /31: Sammy searching for answers

2/31 :Sammy searching for answers

That flashlight just might guide the way out, or does he see something?

3 /31: Lady Toni Bevell, go away

3/31 :Lady Toni Bevell, go away

Seriously, when is she going to get what's coming to her?

4 /31: Dean vs. Toni

4/31 :Dean vs. Toni

Dean take her down once and for all.

5 /31: "Mary"?

5/31 :"Mary"?

So is this brainwashed Mary or normal Mary?

6 /31: Can Mary be un-brainwashed?

6/31 :Can Mary be un-brainwashed?

Yep, that's brainwashed Mary. 

7 /31: Toni, the insufferable

7/31 :Toni, the insufferable

Oh, good. Toni has a syringe in her hand.

8 /31: Is Dean being brainwashed, too?

8/31 :Is Dean being brainwashed, too?

Toni, don't you dare touch Dean. Don't you dare!

9 /31: The evil Mr. Ketch

9/31 :The evil Mr. Ketch

Ugh. Mr. Ketch needs to be taken care of like he takes care of "monsters."

10 /31: Ketch needs to be caught

10/31 :Ketch needs to be caught

Yo, Ketch, put that blade down, stat.

11 /31: Sam on the hunt

11/31 :Sam on the hunt

It looks like Sam is infiltrating the British Men of Letters headquarters.

12 /31: Hunters unite

12/31 :Hunters unite

Based on Jody's presence, we're assuming these are a group of hunters.

13 /31: Sam on the move

13/31 :Sam on the move

Anyone else notice that Sam seems to be without Dean?

14 /31: Sam & Jody won't be stopped

14/31 :Sam & Jody won't be stopped

Still no Dean, but thank goodness Sam has Jody.

15 /31: Oh, hey, badass Jody

15/31 :Oh, hey, badass Jody

We can't wait to see Jody kick some BMOL ass.

16 /31: Mary, are you OK?

16/31 :Mary, are you OK?

We're not sure if Mary is worried or scared.

17 /31: The Winchesters reunite

17/31 :The Winchesters reunite

So does this mean Mary is back to "normal" and on her sons' side?

18 /31: Lucifer looking good in leather

18/31 :Lucifer looking good in leather

Whoa. Is that Rowena's hair in his hand?

19 /31: A pensive Sammy

19/31 :A pensive Sammy

You can't have a Supernatural finale without a deep-thinking Sammy.

20 /31: The Winchesters look concerned

20/31 :The Winchesters look concerned

They're ready to battle.

21 /31: This trio is back together

21/31 :This trio is back together

It looks like Sam, Castiel and Dean are finally on the same page.

22 /31: Who are they looking at?

22/31 :Who are they looking at?

No one wants to mess with these three. 

23 /31: Cas & Dean look pissed

23/31 :Cas & Dean look pissed

Yeah, they aren't happy with whoever is standing in front of them (ahem... Lucifer).

24 /31: Cas is going to take down Lucifer

24/31 :Cas is going to take down Lucifer

Castiel will protect Kelly and Baby Lucifer no matter what.

25 /31: Lucifer looks confident

25/31 :Lucifer looks confident

Lucifer so isn't scared. Duh.

26 /31: A very pregnant Kelly

26/31 :A very pregnant Kelly

Baby Lucifer is coming and there's probably no stopping him.

27 /31: Castiel, is that really you?

27/31 :Castiel, is that really you?

So do we think Cas is back to his normal self or still worshipping Baby Lucifer?

28 /31: Kelly's in labor

28/31 :Kelly's in labor

This is probably going to be one painful and stressful birth.

29 /31: Mary at Kelly's bedside

29/31 :Mary at Kelly's bedside

Mary looks pretty compassionate here.

30 /31: The women join forces

30/31 :The women join forces

Here's hoping Mary really does have Kelly's best interest.

31 /31: A perfect family?

31/31 :A perfect family?

If Kelly survives, will she, Cas, and Baby Lucifer become a family?