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All the Most Shocking Moments From Grey’s Anatomy Finales Over the Years

If there’s one thing Grey’s Anatomy fans have learned over the years, it’s that Shonda Rhimes doesn’t hold anything back when it comes to finales. Whether it’s a bombshell announcement, a dramatic departure or a life-or-death situation (heavy on the death!), our beloved characters tend to get put through the wringer during each season’s final episode.

Over the years, fans have had to endure a lot. In fact, we’ve all pretty much become accustomed at this point to bracing ourselves for each season’s end. Not just because we hate having to wait for Grey’s return, but also because we know there will be tears and gasps. Sometimes from the characters, yes. Basically always from us, though.

Need we even remind you how the very first season finale set the “full of shocks” precedent by revealing to hardcore MerDer shippers that Dr. McDreamy was — wait for it — married to someone decidedly not Meredith Grey? Or how about the time we learned that the unrecognizable patient dying in the ER was actually everyone’s favorite fumbling friend, George? Fans have ugly-cried their way through jilted brides, mass shootings, breakups (upon breakups), weddings, big twists and so much more. And we won’t even get into the sheer agony that was losing Lexie Grey after a horrific plane crash.

Okay, we’re liars, we’re totally going to talk about that moment… and all of the other Grey’s Anatomy season finale moments that left us picking our jaws up off the floor. Scroll through our gallery to take a shocking stroll down memory lane.

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