Evolution of Abigail Breslin From 'Little Miss Sunshine' to 'Dirty Dancing'

by Allie Gemmill
May 18, 2017 at 2:00 p.m. ET
Image: Ashley Britton/SheKnows; Getty Images

We first met Abigail Breslin as Bo Hess in Signs when she was 6 years old. Now, 15 years later, we're getting ready to watch Breslin play Baby in the remake of Dirty Dancing. Let's take a look at how she's changed through the years. 

1 /17: 2002

Abigail Breslin Signs Premiere
Image: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

1/17 :2002

Could she be any cuter? Breslin stole our hearts when she brought that pink poodle and wore a corsage to the Signs premiere. 

2 /17: 2004

Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen Premiere
Image: Jim Spellman/Getty Images

2/17 :2004

There's something so wonderful about 8-year-old Abigail Breslin being a Von Dutch fan. Stars really are just like us. 

3 /17: 2004

73 Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade 2004
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

3/17 :2004

There's no better time to wear a matching hat, coat and purse than at the annual Hollywood Christmas Parade. 

4 /17: 2007

Image: Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

4/17 :2007

Breslin started looking more mature at Fox's official Oscar and Independent Spirit Awards in 2007.

5 /17: 2007

Golden Globe Awards 2007 Abigail Breslin
Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

5/17 :2007

Breslin attended the Golden Globes for the first time in 2007 and showed off her... purse? Is that a purse?

6 /17: 2007

Image: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

6/17 :2007

Breslin attended the Oscars for the first time after being nominated for Best Supporting Actress for Little Miss Sunshine.

7 /17: 2008

2008 Santa Barbara Film Festival 'Definitely, Maybe'
Image: Ray Mickshaw/Getty Images

7/17 :2008

We all feared for Breslin's life when her Definitely, Maybe co-star tried to eat her at the Santa Barbara Film Festival. Not cool. 

8 /17: 2008

Sisters Keeper Premiere 2008 abigail breslin
Image: Dimitrios Kambouris

8/17 :2008

Breslin continued to grow up in front of our eyes, wearing a strapless dress to the My Sister's Keeper premiere. 

9 /17: 2011

Premiere Of Paramount Pictures' Rango 2011 abigail breslin
Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

9/17 :2011

Her style reached a new level at the Rango premiere, most likely thanks to a stylist (we all need them, no shame here). 

10 /17: 2011

Vanity Fair Party At The 2011 Tribeca Film Festival
Image: Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

10/17 :2011

Breslin debuted some new blonde locks at the Vanity Fair party at the Tribeca Film Festival. 

11 /17: 2013

The Call Los Angeles Premiere 2013 abigail breslin
Image: Gregg Deguire/Getty Images

11/17 :2013

And she glammed it up, bangs and all, for The Call premiere wearing an awesome pantsuit. 

12 /17: 2013

August: Osage County Premiere 2013 abigail breslin
Image: Andrew Francis Wallace/Getty Images

12/17 :2013

Breslin started giving off country-chic vibes at her August: Osage County premiere. Clare Bowen's doppelgänger, anyone?

13 /17: 2014

19th Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards 2014 abigail breslin
Image: Steve Granitz

13/17 :2014

Almost 18, Breslin showed off her curves at the 19th Annual Critics' Choice Awards. 

14 /17: 2015

2015 FOX Programming Presentation abigail breslin
Image: Chance Yeh/Getty Images

14/17 :2015

Things really heated up when Breslin became one of the Scream Queens in 2015. 

15 /17: 2016

68th Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards 2016 Abigail Breslin
Image: Steve Granitz/Getty Images

15/17 :2016

Opting for a shorter 'do, Breslin showed off a more natural look at the DGA Awards in 2016. 

16 /17: 2017

'All The Fine Boys' Cast Photo Call 2017 abigail breslin
Image: Walter McBride/Getty Images

16/17 :2017

And not too long ago, Breslin introduced us to her edgier side. Check out that blue hair!

17 /17: 2017

Image: ABC

17/17 :2017

But of course, she ditched the blue tips for a more conservative look in Dirty Dancing. The remake debuts Monday at 8/7c on ABC.