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House of Cards & 66 Other TV Shows Are Ending Soon

Even the best TV shows have to come to an end sometime. In an era of peak TV, there are so many shows that we can choose to watch as viewers from so, so many channels that it’s tough to decide what to watch. As a result, it comes as no surprise that some shows end up getting left by the wayside and soon, even some of the shows we were rooting for end up getting the ax by major networks.

And thus, TV show cancellations are plentiful in 2017 and thanks in part to our watching habits, we’re now going to have to say good-bye to some of the TV shows. What makes those endings even worse is when the shows are canceled, leaving viewers without a coherent ending to the storyline. Still, cancelations are an unfortunate reality in the world of TV. Fans of these shows better brace themselves because the end is near.

Here are all the shows that have been canceled over the last year, with the most recent cancellation being Netflix’s House of Cards

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