House of Cards & 66 Other TV Shows Are Ending Soon

by Allyson Koerner
Oct 30, 2017 at 4:10 p.m. ET

Even the best TV shows have to come to an end sometime. In an era of peak TV, there are so many shows that we can choose to watch as viewers from so, so many channels that it's tough to decide what to watch. As a result, it comes as no surprise that some shows end up getting left by the wayside and soon, even some of the shows we were rooting for end up getting the ax by major networks.

And thus, TV show cancellations are plentiful in 2017 and thanks in part to our watching habits, we're now going to have to say good-bye to some of the TV shows. What makes those endings even worse is when the shows are canceled, leaving viewers without a coherent ending to the storyline. Still, cancelations are an unfortunate reality in the world of TV. Fans of these shows better brace themselves because the end is near.

Here are all the shows that have been canceled over the last year, with the most recent cancellation being Netflix's House of Cards

1 /66: 'House of Cards'

1/66 :'House of Cards'

On Monday, October 30, it was announced that the hit Netflix political drama House of Cards would be ending after its sixth season. While not directly linked, the cancellation announcement comes at a time when the show's star, Kevin Spacey, is facing shocking allegations sexual assault. Season 6 will air in 2018 with the final 13 episodes.

2 /66: 'Playing House'

2/66 :'Playing House'

The USA Network comedy about two best friends living together while raising a child was canceled after three seasons. In a joint statement from the network and the studio sent to The Hollywood Reporter, they sent along a fond farewell: "USA Network and Universal Cable Productions want to thank Jessica [St. Clair], Lennon [Parham] and the entire cast and crew of Playing House for being amazing partners for three incredible, hilarious seasons."

3 /66: 'Major Crimes'

3/66 :'Major Crimes'

After a successful premiere season meant to be a spinoff of the hit TBS drama The Closer, Major Crimes stayed on air for six total seasons. In October 2017, it was announced via Deadline that Major Crimes will wrap up with its sixth season.

4 /66: 'The Night Shift'

4/66 :'The Night Shift'

News broke in October that after four seasons, the medical drama The Night Shift was canceled. The show had a relatively quiet run over its four seasons, finding roots in the TV mélée with its summertime premiere. However, fading viewership and a failure to breakthrough into the mainstream in any meaningful way meant this show was left in the dust. 

5 /66: 'Veep'

5/66 :'Veep'

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and showrunner David Mandel have decided Season 7 will be Veep's last because it feels right

6/66 :'Gypsy'

Naomi Watts will not be returning to Netflix in the lead role of the psychological drama Gypsy

7 /66: 'The Catch'

7/66 :'The Catch'

A Shondaland original bites the dust. 

8 /66: 'Bloodline'

8/66 :'Bloodline'

Does this mean Kyle Chandler can play Coach Taylor again?

9 /66: 'Sense8'

9/66 :'Sense8'

Despite canceling Sense8 after two seasons, Netflix reps say they couldn't have been more proud of the "kickass and outright unforgettable" show.

10 /66: 'The Get Down'

10/66 :'The Get Down'

Netflix also canned The Get Down after behind-the-scenes drama and a failed attempt at connecting with viewers.

11 /66: 'Underground'

11/66 :'Underground'

WGN America called Underground "terrific and important" but also said it "no longer fits with our new direction."

12 /66: 'Pitch'

12/66 :'Pitch'

Ginny Baker was just getting started.

13 /66: 'Sweet/Vicious'

13/66 :'Sweet/Vicious'

These vigilantes sadly won't be fighting sexual assault on college campuses anymore.

14 /66: 'Mistresses'

14/66 :'Mistresses'

This group of friends won't be involved in any further scandals.

15 /66: 'Teen Wolf'

15/66 :'Teen Wolf'

This drama is officially done howling.

16 /66: 'Time After Time'

16/66 :'Time After Time'

H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper, you just couldn't make it work.

17 /66: 'American Gothic'

17/66 :'American Gothic'

Now we'll never know how creepy Jack turns out.

18 /66: 'Aquarius'

18/66 :'Aquarius'

This just gives David Duchovny more time to take on Mulder again.

19 /66: 'Black Sails'

19/66 :'Black Sails'

The pirate's life just wasn't for Starz.

20 /66: 'BrainDead'

20/66 :'BrainDead'

This zombie series is definitely brain dead now.

21 /66: 'Doubt'

21/66 :'Doubt'

Katherine Heigl really has the worst luck.

22 /66: 'The Mindy Project'

22/66 :'The Mindy Project'

At least the comedy has one more season to wrap things up.

23 /66: 'Grimm'

23/66 :'Grimm'

Grimm certainly met a grim ending.

24 /66: 'Reign'

24/66 :'Reign'

Let's applaud Mary, Queen of Scots, on her final reign.

25 /66: 'The Vampire Diaries'

25/66 :'The Vampire Diaries'

This good-bye was rough — and in more ways than one.

26 /66: 'Dating Naked'

26/66 :'Dating Naked'

Now these people can finally go put on some clothes.

27 /66: 'Girl Meets World'

27/66 :'Girl Meets World'

It just couldn't find success like Boy Meets World.

28 /66: 'Portlandia'

28/66 :'Portlandia'

Good news: You have until 2018 to enjoy this comedy.

29 /66: 'Loosely Exactly Nicole'

29/66 :'Loosely Exactly Nicole'

At least now you know who Nicole Byer is, and you won't forget her.

30 /66: 'Love Thy Neighbor'

30/66 :'Love Thy Neighbor'

Sorry, Tyler Perry, but viewers just weren't loving these neighbors.

31 /66: 'For Better or Worse'

31/66 :'For Better or Worse'

And another Tyler Perry cancellation that was hoping for better but got the worst.

32 /66: 'Man Seeking Woman'

32/66 :'Man Seeking Woman'

Jay Baruchel won't be seeking women anymore.

33 /66: 'The O'Reilly Factor'

33/66 :'The O'Reilly Factor'

Bill O'Reilly, you're fired.

34 /66: 'Outsiders'

34/66 :'Outsiders'

You could say these outsiders didn't find acceptance.

35 /66: 'Salem'

35/66 :'Salem'

Salem's bewitching stories and characters have been hanged for good.

36 /66: 'Switched at Birth'

36/66 :'Switched at Birth'

A drama that took risks and pushed the boundaries more often than not.

37 /66: 'Pretty Little Liars'

37/66 :'Pretty Little Liars'

These Liars need to get out of Rosewood, so really this is a good thing.

38 /66: 'The Strain'

38/66 :'The Strain'

These vampires have seen their last bit of sunlight.

39 /66: 'Hand of God'

39/66 :'Hand of God'

Sorry, prayers won't help resurrect this series.

40 /66: 'Workaholics'

40/66 :'Workaholics'

The laughs have been silenced.

41 /66: 'Episodes'

41/66 :'Episodes'

That's right, there are no more episodes of Episodes.

42 /66: 'Bones'

42/66 :'Bones'

A long-running drama that will truly be missed. Also, thanks, Booth and Brennan.

43 /66: 'Kingdom'

43/66 :'Kingdom'

Kingdom unfortunately lost this fight.

44 /66: 'Mercy Street'

44/66 :'Mercy Street'

Now Josh Radnor can go figure out how he met his kids' mother. Oh, wait, he already did that.

45 /66: 'Incorporated'

45/66 :'Incorporated'

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck didn't have a hit this time around.

46 /66: 'Eyewitness'

46/66 :'Eyewitness'

A USA drama that just couldn't hold its own on the ratings chart.

47 /66: 'Mary + Jane'

47/66 :'Mary + Jane'

These characters weren't named Mary and Jane, but they liked selling Mary Jane. 

48 /66: 'Good Girls Revolt'

48/66 :'Good Girls Revolt'

It's a huge shame these women won't be revolting anymore. 

49 /66: 'Impastor'

49/66 :'Impastor'

Michael Rosenbaum is one funny guy who really needs his own show.

50 /66: 'Liv and Maddie'

50/66 :'Liv and Maddie'

A show that not only impacted fans but also transformed Dove Cameron's life.

51 /66: 'Emerald City'

51/66 :'Emerald City'

Dorothy's done with her adventures in this grittier update of The Wizard of Oz

52 /66: 'No Tomorrow'

52/66 :'No Tomorrow'

It's official: No Tomorrow will see no tomorrow. 

53 /66: 'Frequency'

53/66 :'Frequency'

Once again, a Peyton List show has met its demise.

54 /66: 'Rosewood'

54/66 :'Rosewood'

The Morris Chestnut-led drama is no more after two seasons.

55 /66: 'Sleepy Hollow'

55/66 :'Sleepy Hollow'

Sleepy Hollow just got its head chopped off for good.

56 /66: 'Scandal'

56/66 :'Scandal'

It was recently announced Scandal would end with its seventh season. 

57 /66: 'Last Man Standing'

57/66 :'Last Man Standing'

Tim Allen's Last Man Standing is knocked down for good.

58 /66: 'Son Of Zorn'

58/66 :'Son Of Zorn'

Farewell, Son of Zorn. We hardly knew ye.

59 /66: 'Making History'

59/66 :'Making History'

This time-traveling comedy couldn't bring in the viewers or ratings needed to surivive.

60 /66: 'APB'

60/66 :'APB'

The FOX drama which focused on an elite team finding missing persons couldn't hit their stride.

61 /66: 'Dr. Ken'

61/66 :'Dr. Ken'

Dr. Ken will not be resusciated. 

62 /66: 'American Crime'

62/66 :'American Crime'

Someone needs to hire both Felicity Huffman and Regina King immediately.

63 /66: 'Imaginary Mary'

63/66 :'Imaginary Mary'

We guess people just couldn't get on board with an adult having an imaginary friend.

64 /66: 'Secrets and Lies'

64/66 :'Secrets and Lies'

Now we'll never know what happened to Detective Cornell.

65 /66: 'Powerless'

65/66 :'Powerless'

This network comedy about the people who make superheroes actual heroes is a goner.

66 /66: 'The Middle'

66/66 :'The Middle'

The Middle will reportedly end after Season 9