We Have Dragon-Sized Feelings About These New Game of Thrones Photos

by Allie Gemmill
Apr 21, 2017 at 11:30 a.m. ET

These new Season 7 photos show a lot of intensity brewing. The tension is building...

1 /15: Cersei & Jamie have reunited

1/15 :Cersei & Jamie have reunited

Cersei and Jamie Lannister look liked they maybe kissed and made up. Are they teaming up for good?

2 /15: The Hound rides North

2/15 :The Hound rides North

The Hound looks to be heading North. He may be joining forces with Jon Snow in Season 7.

3 /15: Bran & Meera are trekking

3/15 :Bran & Meera are trekking

Bran and Meera appear to be trekking through the wilderness but where? Are they lost for good? Or going home?

4 /15: Tormund is still sweet on Brienne

4/15 :Tormund is still sweet on Brienne

Looks like Tormund Giantsbane is wooing Brienne, who appears to have safely returned to Winterfell. 

5 /15: Davos is a sad, sad man

5/15 :Davos is a sad, sad man

Davos appears to have settled into life at Winterfell, but something sad and mad appears to be brewing there.

6 /15: Arya is back!

6/15 :Arya is back!

Hey girl hey! Why are you in a room full of men, Arya? And who are you looking at?

7 /15: Jon Snow is looking damn good

7/15 :Jon Snow is looking damn good

Jon Snow appears to be contemplating his next move, which might be teaming up with Daenerys.

8 /15: Lady Lyanna is back!

8/15 :Lady Lyanna is back!

Lady Lyanna, we missed you! Bear Island's most ferocious ruler appears to have stayed in Winterfell to counsel Jon.

9 /15: What are Sansa & Littlefinger plotting?

9/15 :What are Sansa & Littlefinger plotting?

Sansa and Littlefinger look to be surveying the courtyard at Winterfell. What are they plotting?

10 /15: Sam is a full-on bookworm

10/15 :Sam is a full-on bookworm

Sam and Gilly are neck-deep in books and academia. Are they going to get something fun to do in Season 7 though?

11 /15: Lord Varys looks stern

11/15 :Lord Varys looks stern

Varys is glaring at someone or something. Again. 

12 /15: Missandei has been promoted

12/15 :Missandei has been promoted

Take note of the brooch on Missandei's clothes. She's gotten a promotion and it looks good on her.

13 /15: Tyrion is facing up to something

13/15 :Tyrion is facing up to something

Tyrion is here looking older, wiser and ready to rumble. We know a battle is brewing but where does he figure in?

14 /15: Daenerys is in full queen mode

14/15 :Daenerys is in full queen mode

Daenerys has donned darker, more serious clothing which indicates she is ready to rule with an iron fist.

15 /15: Gang's all here

15/15 :Gang's all here

Daenerys & Co. have landed in Westeros and boy, they look like they're ready to take over King's Landing.