13 Must-See Summer Premieres on Netflix, Hulu & Amazon

by Shanee Edwards
Apr 15, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. ET
Image: Netflix

Old favorites like Orange Is the New Black face major competition in the world of streaming.

1 /14: 'Sense8': May 5

Image: Netflix

1/14 :'Sense8': May 5

Disparate people with wild, extrasensory abilities unite for Season 2.

2 /14: 'The Mars Generation': May 5

The Mars Generation
Image: Netflix

2/14 :'The Mars Generation': May 5

Aspiring teen astronauts set their sights on the red planet in this startling documentary.

3 /14: 'Batman & Bill': May 6

Batman & Bill
Image: Hulu

3/14 :'Batman & Bill': May 6

This documentary is about the elusive Bill Finger, the uncredited co-creator of Batman.

4 /14: 'Master of None': May 12

Master of None
Image: Netflix

4/14 :'Master of None': May 12

Aziz Ansari returns for Season 2 of the show that profiles the challenges of being an Indian-American actor in NY.

5 /14: 'Anne': May 12

Image: Netflix

5/14 :'Anne': May 12

Based on the book Anne of Green Gables, the show tells the story of an orphaned girl living in the late 19th century.

6 /14: 'I Love Dick': May 12

I Love Dick
Image: Amazon

6/14 :'I Love Dick': May 12

Kathryn Hahn and Kevin Bacon star in this comedy about obession, marriage and academia.

7 /14: 'Becoming Bond': May 20

Becoming Bond
Image: Hulu

7/14 :'Becoming Bond': May 20

The shocking story of how an Aussie car mechanic, George Lazenby, became James Bond.

8 /14: 'Casual': May 26

Image: Hulu

8/14 :'Casual': May 26

Your favorite flawed characters are back for a new season of struggle, strife and a few laughs.

9 /14: 'Long Strange Trip': May 26

Long Strange Trip
Image: Netflix

9/14 :'Long Strange Trip': May 26

Never-before-seen footage and interviews with members of The Grateful Dead fill this compelling documentary.

10 /14: 'House of Cards': May 30

House of Cards
Image: Netflix

10/14 :'House of Cards': May 30

With all the wild antics coming out of the real White House, can Season 5 even compete? We hope!

11 /14: 'Orange Is the New Black': June 9

Orange is the New Black
Image: Netflix

11/14 :'Orange Is the New Black': June 9

After a tragic end to Season 4, the lawless ladies are back and Daya has a gun.

12 /14: 'The Ranch': June 16

The Ranch
Image: Netflix

12/14 :'The Ranch': June 16

Part 3 of the comedy about a family of Colorado ranchers, starring Debra Winger and Ashton Kutcher.

13 /14: 'Glow': June 23

Image: Netflix

13/14 :'Glow': June 23

Alison Brie stars as an unemployed actress who finds fame as a female wrestler in the 1980s.

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