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15 Times Celebrities Shamelessly Flaunted Their Wealth on Instagram

There’s nothing like a celebrity shamelessly showing off their bling on Instagram. And though no one does it better than a Kardashian—it seems as though every other post from Kylie Jenner is in celebration of a new Givenchy bag, or a new pair of Louboutins, or a new car—and other celebs that do not have a “K” (or a “J”) as their last initial are just as guilty of this rather louche crime.

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And though people may hate, it’s also hard to draw your eyes away from the sparkling k-hole that is a diamond ring (or necklace, or earrings, or the glittering façade of a $122,000 Mercedes SUV on Instagram. Social media certainly isn’t the first medium celebs have used to show off their wealth—MTV Cribs was one of the first obvious endeavors to be broadcast across an entire TV channel, though the rich and famous have been showing off their spoils since the first time humankind began to separate themselves according to class. (Hello, if castles weren’t an ostentatious display of wealth, we don’t know what is.) But social media has made the phenomenon all the more prolific.

Ahead, feel free to hate-click (or, if you’re on a phone, hate-scroll) through celebrities including the likes of Amber Rose, J.Lo, and literally all of the female Kardashians (and Jenners) putting their wealth on display on Instagram.

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