Behind-the-Scenes Drama We Didn't See on HGTV's 'Flip or Flop'

by Stephanie Gustafson
Apr 10, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. ET

There's more than meets the eye for Flip or Flop, and the El Moussas' divorce just scratches the surface. These are a few of the show's juiciest secrets.

1 /8: Tarek El Moussa's cancer diagnosis

1/8 :Tarek El Moussa's cancer diagnosis

A Flip or Flop viewer tipped Tarek El Moussa off to his stage 2 thyroid cancer by contacting the network in alarm upon noticing a lump on Tarek's neck. He promptly sought treatment and could very well owe his life to an observant fan.

2/8 :No flops

Flops are nonexistant on Flip or Flop. Insiders claim that the possibility of a flop is merely added to create drama. That being said, Tarek admits to coming very close to flopping on occasion.

3 /8: Christina El Moussa cried on set

3/8 :Christina El Moussa cried on set

When Tarek was unkind, Christina supposedly ran to the car to cry. However, ET claims that they are amicable on set in the aftermath of their split. 

4 /8: Tarek El Moussa accused of verbal abuse

4/8 :Tarek El Moussa accused of verbal abuse

According to InTouch, Tarek badmouthed Christina on set. Some footage of him insulting her was allegedly caught on camera but never aired.

5 /8: Multiple flips at once

5/8 :Multiple flips at once

HGTV sometimes gives viewers the impression that Christina and Tarek El Moussa flip one house at a time, but really, they work on multiple houses at once. They typically flip several dozen homes per year.

6 /8: Outbid at auctions

6/8 :Outbid at auctions

Although the auctions on Flip or Flop are not staged, Christina and Tarek are regularly outbid. These occasions are not featured on the show for timing reasons; it would take forever to cover each outbidding situation and would ruin the flow of the show.

7 /8: Show earnings not used on homes

7/8 :Show earnings not used on homes

Christina and Tarek have not purchased new homes with their earnings from the show (which total $10,000 per episode). Instead, they have purchased new homes with money from past investments.

8 /8: The El Moussas only get half

8/8 :The El Moussas only get half

An investor who helped the El Moussas start their business now takes half the proceeds of each flip.