Having 'Big Little Lies' Withdrawals? Get your Fix With These 10 Books

by Kristine Cannon
Apr 6, 2017 at 8:00 p.m. ET

An insidious wave of BLLW (Big Little Lies Withdrawals) is currently drowning the country, and we need sweet suspense to bring us back to life. From the trivia night to the unnerving finale, our hearts are caught in a vortex of questions and inexplicable yearning for more symbolic Audrey Hepburn costumes. Gift your whodunit-worshipping imagination with 10 spring reads sure to fill the BLL void and make you momentarily forget about Reese Witherspoon and that ending that launched us into an existential crisis.

1 /10: 'It's Always the Husband'

1/10 :'It's Always the Husband'

It’s Always the Husband by Michele Campbell

Three inseparable college roommates embark on wildly different paths upon graduation but remain in BFF status for nearly two decades... that is, until one of them is murdered. A flawlessly spun whodunit tale that explores the delicate complexities of love-hate friendships, societal quickness to blame the husband and the ghastly consequences of envy, readers will be in a delicious guessing game until the bombshell conclusion.

2 /10: 'The Girls in the Garden'

2/10 :'The Girls in the Garden'

The Girls in the Garden by Lisa Jewell

A richly plotted family drama with a darkly toxic and mysterious center? Yes, this one needs to be on your bookshelf immediately. A young teenager named Grace is discovered bloody and unconscious during a party in her London neighborhood. But what truly happened to her? A deeply disturbing swirl of family drama, horrifying secrets and grisly suspense even Liane Moriarty would approve of, The Girls in the Garden will cure your BLLW for a short while.

3 /10: 'The Secret Room'

3/10 :'The Secret Room'

The Secret Room by Sandra Block

When psychologist Dr. Zoe Goldman’s patients begin to mysteriously die, all blame and finger-pointing is directed her way. But there is a far more sinister force at play. As Zoe races to piece together the dark mystery surrounding her life, she realizes the culprit is determined to destroy more than her career. Spellbinding from the first plot twist to the unpredictable last, The Secret Room is as deeply satisfying as spring reading drama gets.  

4 /10: 'Into the Water'

4/10 :'Into the Water'

Into The Water by Paula Hawkins

Want to cure BLLW and knock out pangs for The Girl on the Train with one reading stone? Well, the bestselling author of the latter delivers you with a seriously addictive psychological suspense that will keep you awake until completion. A string of dead bodies found at the bottom of a lake leaves a 15-year-old parentless and in the care of her mother’s estranged sister… where the captivatingly dark and twisty story unfolds. 

5 /10: 'The Housekeeper'

5/10 :'The Housekeeper'

The Housekeeper by Suellen Dainty

Anne Morgan is newly dumped and desperately accepts a housekeeper position to her celebrity idol Emma Helmsley — a job that would surely deliver her with a clean (and exciting) new slate. Fast forward and Anne is buried in her new boss’ filthy laundry of secrets, deception and lies while trying to prevent her own disastrous past from demolishing her existence. A nightmarish domestic drama with a cryptically rattling ending that proves the messiest of secrets never disappear, The Housekeeper is this season's most addictive plot. 

6 /10: 'Last Seen'

6/10 :'Last Seen'

Last Seen by J. L. Doucette

Following the devastating murder of her husband, psychologist Dr. Pepper Hunt abandons her private practice for the rough terrain of rural Wyoming. When a new patient mysteriously disappears in a blizzard, the doctor joins forces with a local detective and embarks on a shadowy journey that risks to shatter her new beginning — before it even starts. With breathtaking characters you’ll bond with from the first page, you’ll end this novel with bouts of chills and a sudden disinterest in the fate of Celeste Wright.

7 /10: 'The Marriage Lie'

7/10 :'The Marriage Lie'

The Marriage Lie by Kimberly Belle

Another domestic drama to fuel us as we run far away from BLL withdrawals, The Marriage Lie is the book that will leave you suspicious of everyone — especially your own S.O. From the beautiful home to blissful marriage, Will and Iris have it all… that is, until a plane he wasn't supposed to be on crashes and kills everyone on board. Iris plunges into the mysterious web of secrets surrounding their life and discovers answers that will alter her existence forever. You need a tissue box for this one — not for tears, but for sweat.  

8 /10: 'Behind Closed Doors'

8/10 :'Behind Closed Doors'

Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris

We devoured this debut last summer, but the goose bumps it induced are alive and well. Jack and Grace have the picture-perfect marriage — except one of them is the other’s prisoner, and there is no possible escape. For a super dose of psychological thrill, Behind Closed Doors is your answer.

Warning: Once you buy this read, be prepped to pass it down to everyone in your social circle.

9 /10: 'All Is Not Forgotten'

9/10 :'All Is Not Forgotten'

All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

The lives of two parents are forever recast when their daughter Jenny Kramer is attacked at a party — especially since the identity of the culprit remains an inescapably troubling mystery. As her father Tom becomes obsessed with finding the attacker and mother Charlotte fades into the wrath of denial, their marriage begins to crumble and the monster who invaded their life lurks closer to home than ever imagined. If you’re craving a psychological thriller that will haunt you for years to come, All Is Not Forgotten belongs on your nightstand tonight. 

10 /10: 'Before This Is Over'

10/10 :'Before This Is Over'

Before This is Over by Amanda Hickie

If BLL taught us anything, it’s that the best drama happens on the streets of suburbia. This chilling and troubling tale centers around a sinister force that goes beyond the typical neighboring murderer: a deadly virus spreading around the world. This horrifying read details the struggles of one mother as she desperately tries to save her family from the wrath of fate while her neighbors battle ruthlessly for survival.